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JUNE 2021

ISIS Counter-Attacks Against Syrian Army East Of Sukhna, Destroys 2 Battle Tanks

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On Saturday, ISIS continued conducting counter-attacks against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies in the area of Sukhna in the province of Homs.

ISIS terrorists attacked along the road linking Sukhna and Deir Ezzor and allegedly destroyed 2 SAA battle tanks. However, they were not able to re-enter the town.

Considering the situation on the ground, the terrorists will likely not be able to re-gain Sukhna. This means they lost their key strong point in Homs province.

Meanwhile, the Syrian Defense Minsitry announced that Sukhna is fully under the control of the SAA and its service members were removing IEDs set up by ISIS inside the town.

ISIS Counter-Attacks Against Syrian Army East Of Sukhna, Destroys 2 Battle Tanks

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SAA and allies on the southern flank of the Sukhana pincer should advance towards Doubayat gas field and point north towards Kasrat al Faraj, thickening the southern pincer and controlling the highway east of Sukhana.


Sukhnah isn’t secured until the mountains north are captured. As long as ISIS controls this they can look down on sukhnah thru their artillery.

The 5th Corp are not going to lift the siege on sukhnah. Their morale, equipment, leadership are all mediocre. plans for a two pronged attack on deir ezzor are unrealistic.

The tiger forces are going to reach deir ezzor alone. The fifth Corp needs to protect their flank. They need to move north and connect to resafa.


Not saying you are wrong but from all I’m hearing and from videos covering them, the Tigers’ equipment also seems mediocre. It’s just that their other qualities make up for it. Wasn’t this Fifth Corps the one specifically trained up by Russia? What lessons are to be drawn if they’re still not up to standard as you claim?

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The 5th Corps is a volunteer unit you do understand that this unit has to think wisely and utilize position to minimize casualties. There are flanking maneuvers being performed in these regions since they went to flank at T2 which needs to be flanked from the west. Forces are pushing from the North Road and others pushing on Aqeribat so this counterattacking has left those fronts weakened along with Deir ezzoir which has ISIS bleeding manpower. They wont be able to sustain this attack for long without being completely outflanked. Don’t bother with Xanatos this would be too hard for him to understand, since he is fed by little information and sources also relies on Call of Duty style planning..

Solomon Krupacek

daily loss of tanks. how is it with that biggo, soviet bestintheworld protection of tanks???

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