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JUNE 2021

ISIS Cotninues Attacks On Government Forces In Homs Desert, Army Responds Preparing For Advance

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ISIS Cotninues Attacks On Government Forces In Homs Desert, Army Responds Preparing For Advance

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On May 24, ISIS continued its series of attacks on pro-government forces in the Homs-Deir Ezzor desert ambushing a group of the National Defense Forces (NDF) in the area of al-Faidah.

According to unconfirmed reports, about 30 fighters of Nazar al-Khafran, the ambushed pro-government NDF group, were killed in the incident. However, photos or videos from the area are yet to be released.

This was the third notable ISIS attack on government forces in the area within a few days. On May 22, up to 20 Syrian soldiers were killed in a large ISIS attack on their positions near the T3 pumping station, east of Palmyra. The attack was repelled. On May 23, ISIS members attacked army positions west of the city of al-Mayadin. This attack was also repelled.

Early on May 24, reports appeared that aircraft of the US-led coalition had carried out strikes on positions of the Syrian Army and its allies northwest of al-Bukamal and near the T2 pumping station. The US-led coalition denounced these reports.

Later, a military source told the Russian state-run news agency Sputniknews that the strikes had targeted ISIS positions close to government positions. However, this version also remains unconfirmed.

The increased ISIS activity in the Homs-Deir Ezzor desert triggered a harsh response from the Syrian military which is now preparing for a security operation to eliminate the remaining ISIS members in the area, according to pro-government sources. The operation will reportedly involve units of the Syrian Army, the Repuplican Guard and Liwa al-Quds, which will be backed by some Iranian-backed forces and Iranian military advisers.

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Anh Quốc

NO ONE WANTS AN ISIS GOVERNMENT…But some want it to do much damages as possible so they have less jobs to do


Anh Quoc, are you from Thailand or some other south east Asian country? I have a few friends from Thailand and Vietnam who’s names are all fucked up just like yours.

Chris P

Please. Remove the foreign object from your but hole. Thank you, it is animal cruelty.


By butthole has carnivorous fangs and thorns just in case, so I’m still an anal virgin.

leon mc pilibin

No one wants a Zionist government anymore,its slavery by another name,they are the lowest form of life to ever walk on the face of the Earth.


US, UK, France, KSA and Israel should not supposed to be there in Syria. They have breached the Sovereignty of Syria. They are not only illegally there but also using their proxies for assistance to occupy oil and gas rich land and hold the Syrian nation hostage there and destroy the rest of Syria. Before they have smuggled the Stolen oil and gas from Syria to Israel and US but that has stopped now.

Thanks to Russian aerospace forces that they have destroyed all US and UK logestic facilities. Now this will be too expensive for US, UK, France and Israel to smuggle stolen Syrian oil and gas from ISIS, SDF, YPG and PESHMARGA areas because these areas are surrounded by anti US, UK, France and anti Israeli migransts. LOL.


Syrian government and their allies should kickout all these oil and gas smugglers US, UK, France, KSA and Israel from Syria. Block their all ways of oil and gas smuggling. Syrian government and their allies should find a large iron bar and insert into the as*****ses of those that illegally there for stealing Syrian oil and gas and smuggling out of Syria. They are not there to visit Syria legally but they are there to steal and hold Syrian nation hostage.

neil barron

Tilting at windmills still, you’re so laughable your’e like SNL not funny anymore turn the channel irrelevant.

Karo Dndlian

Qalaat Al Mudiq
this person is Israeli spy be carfull


Just for one year all Syrians adults should prepare themselves voluntarily for a final stroke to oil and gas smugglers US, UK, France and to their proxies Israeli migrants, ISIS, SDF, YPG, Al-Qaeda and Peshmarga. If Syrians don’t sacrifice just one year for their home land then Syria cannot survive independently with dignity.

Thomas Wolsey

You mean fight US and Israel directly? Russia will withdraw their support if it happens.
In my opinion Syria army should clear the remaining islamist pockets specially Daraa and start to rebuild with what their have.

The area occupied by turks and kurds will hardly be reunited again.


Those regimes that have military and intelligence relations with US, UK, France and Israeli migrants. They have destroyed their nations and their countries. They are traitors and enemies of the Muslim countries. All Muslim countries should cut their relations with them.


Good luck to the chaps.


These US, UK, Fracnce and KSA regims the deceivers morons says that “We are here to protect Syrian nation from whom.” If I broke into someone home and then I tell them that I am in your home because I want to protect you from your father. So they will let me in their home? no way. They will straight away ask me that who are you, fo.


Few countries left around Russia and China where Zionists atheists from US, UK, France and Israel are involved in covert operations against forces loyal to Russia and China.

Samantha Green

I told them to finish off this ISIS pocket when they first abandoned it in order to attack Homs. You all said ISIS was done and could be ignored, but I knew better all along. Good place to utilize Iranian help, along the supply route and far from Israel.

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