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JUNE 2023

ISIS Continues Steady Expansion In Mozambique (Video)

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More and more areas in Cabo Delgado Province of Mozambique are falling into the hands of the local branch of ISIS. In March, ISIS terrorists captured the village of Quissanga and temporarily seized the town of Mocimboa de Praia (a logistical hub near the $60bn gas project).

In April, terrorists continued attacks and further capturing the village of Menquelewa in the district of Muidumbi. Militants claim that government forces show very little or even no resistance to their operations.


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Hmm where do they have these uniforms from?

John Wallace

They were Rhodesian then Zimbabwe standard issue. Zambia is same or very similar. Maybe goes back to former British colonies camo or southern colonies. . Sth Africa is different. Mozambique was Portuguese but I see their camo now is similar. When new it is bright but fades very quickly which is better. Need someone who can speak the local dialects to see where these come from. If they can build a base area here then they have access to South Africa and Zimbabwe . Wonder where they got the bright blue socks from. They all look very strange breed.

Hasbara Hunter

Bwahahaha…whoOO…scary shit…yeah ofcourse…Mozambique of all places…fuckn pathetic losers…Hey USraHell…You & Your ISIS-Mercenaries ain’t SHIT NO MO’….Bring it on AngloZioNazis…with your Mozambican-Headchopping Cunts…They will be turned into Dog-Chow & fertilizer…just like the rest of your Israeli Secret Intelligence Service-Members…

Albert Pike

ISIS is USraHell, and what a surprise – AfriCom is active in Tanzania:


James Adams

What are you saying you retard? You should commit suicide if you believe what you say !!!

James Adams

You have 10,000 comments as well, you also visit Russia Insider and World Israel News. So you listen to state owned Russian news and Israeli news. Your brainwashed listen to yourself just kill yourself !!!

Hasbara Hunter

ISIS = Mossad Al-Qaeda = CIA CIA = Mossad Mossad = CIA


Isis in Swahili…. What a fucking disgrace. Time for us to show what we are made of (war face) >_<

Pave Way IV

WTF?? Dude…. lighten up on the Captagon!


James Adams

This is what happens when you have Islam in your country !!!

Peter Jennings

This has nothing to do with Islam whatsoever. If you think it does, you are missing the bigger picture.

Peter Jennings

This has US/nato fingerprints all over it. It seems clear that the next US/nato victim will be Africa. They don’t want China getting pally with the locals and treating them as equals in business. They also don’t want to lose their lucrative profits to China. That would spoil the party for the shysters who have been pillaging Africa for centuries and sponsoring neocon zionists across the world.

The African people need to realise the threat and deal with it now. This ISIS gang says they will not execute civilians. That won’t last forever, as their antics in Syria have proved beyond any doubt.

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