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Some ISIS Commanders Joined US-backed ‘Moderate Opposition’ In Southeastern Syria – Reports

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Some ISIS Commanders Joined US-backed 'Moderate Opposition' In Southeastern Syria - Reports

US-backed Syrian rebels run in an unknown place in Syria, June 28, 2016. The New Syrian Army via AP

Some ISIS commanders have joined the US-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) operating in the Al-Tanf area on the Syrian-Iraqi border, according to pro-government sources.

According to reports, two former commanders of ISIS, “Ghassan al-Sanki” and “Mahmoud Faraj” have arrived to the area controlled by the FSA and the US Special Forces in the Syrian desert from Deir Ezzour.

It is believed that “Ghassan al-Sanki” was one of ISIS most prominent commanders in the town of Al-Bukamal located near the Syrian-Iraqi border. Many ISIS fighters in Deir Ezzor are believed to be ex-FSA fighters who joined ISIS when it captured the oil fields in the area. Now they are leaving ISIS that is losing a major part of its financial resources.

The FSA in Deir Ezzor was known for its strong relationship with ISIS in Iraq and Syria and its work on smuggling fighters and arms into Iraqi territory, where it played a key role in strengthening the presence of the terrorist group. The FSA in Deir Ezzor was the first to establish illegal oil trade with Turkey.

In 2013, the FSA and ISIS launched a joint attack on positions of the Iraqi Army at the Al-Yarobiah border crossing, So it is believed that the FSA in Deir Ezzor is not the best choice if somebody is really searching an ally to for a battle against ISIS at the Syrian-Iraqi border.

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US and NATO terrorists training centers and bases will be removed from entire Syria as has been removed previously from Idlib when Russian and Syrian Air forces attacked them. They ran away from North Syria to South Syria but from here where they would run because one side is Iraq and other side is Syria.

98% world population are against USA and NATO efforts in Syria and Iraq.

If USA and NATO coalition attempts to attack SAA conveys as they did before? This will be a direct confrontation with the Syrian, Russian, Iranian, Hezbollah and Palestinian Liwa al-Quds heroes.

Every Syrian soldier and everyone of its allies must have firmly in their minds that all proxies and spies and their masters USA and NATO armies must be wounded, its blood spilled, its reputation stained, its mortality exposed to all the world.

Oh courageous Syria, fight on to live, fight on and destroy the evil; reclaim your culture, dignity and all your glorious, ancient sovereignty!


I support your sentiments entirely Stephen. The US and its lap dogs have always fought a double sided war. It is how money is made out of the chaos. It is far easier to deal with criminal gangs who only want money than elected governments that want the nations wealth to empower the nation. Especially nations who do not agree to be raped and pillaged by the USA.

Employing terrorists does have big risks of blow back though when they feel cheated. The outrage in Manchester England this week being just one example.


Do you know if there is any truth in this article?

Breaking – Russia, Iran, Iraq and Syria declare US proxies will not control western border
(mAY 23 2017)… http://www.veteranstoday.com/2017/05/23/breaking-russia-iran-iraq-and-syria-declare-us-proxies-will-not-control-western-border/


good source

Bill Wilson

VT articles are nothing but bullshit for the dimwitted chumps that hate Israel.


Funny, I don’t hate Israel, just do not appreciate their leaders, like my own, in the UK. So are you saying that there is no truth that Russia, Iran and Syria are not protecting Syrian sovereignty and Iraq has not come on board to help restore the balance on their shared borders?


I have mentioned before, ISIS are USA Special Operation Forces operating in Syria and in Iraq. Now ISIS protecting Al Tanf base. USA and NATO infiltrated in Syria under the pretext that they gonna fight ISIS and Al Qaeda.

ISIS have created buffer zone between Syria and Iraq. Many ISIS have changed their uniform and have put-on of USA SOF, FSA and SDF, YPG uniform.

There were some 150,000 ISIS terrorists in Syria and in Iraq. Only 42,000 left. Now the Moscow and Damascus both are surprised where the remaining ISIS terrorists gone?


How many were sent to the Phillipines, because the President wasn’t teaming up with the US?


If ISIS gangsters in Phillipines
emerging fast then it means their number is same as of their army strength.


US And FSA are masquerading fighting ISIS, and they take ISIS commanders within their ranks?
How long does this masquerade go, without being called what it is?
US Is using ISIS, SDF, FSA and others in twisted convoluted chess game in Syria for the sole purpose of trying to overthrow the legitimate government of Syria.
Russians are better chess players and can think many moves ahead than simple minded neocons, who are driven by herd mentality and goal.


Obama admitted to funding, training and supporting ISIS.

Bill Wilson

Fuck Jesus and the ass he rode in on.


Jesus is the truth, the truth will always win, you have no part in the truth, because you revile truth.

John Marks

I think Mr Corbyn should know that Theresa May has British troops on the ground in Syria, without the agreement of parliament, fighting for an ISIS commander of the same ilk as just murdered Manchester citizens. I think the UK voters would be most interested to learn of this development.

Behold a Pale Horse

Hoaxy hoax fake fake.


Thats what the doctors told ur mom after they performed the abortion…


British Special Forces have been operating in both north and south Syria for years without parliamentary approval, under executive directive approval, what exactly they are engaged in there is kept very vague for public explanation, so what is the hoax?

See following, both BBC state media and a non state media, news items:



Tudor Miron

Theresa, we didn’t ask your opinion here. Save it for your brainwashed population that enjoy you kiiling their kids via NATO irregular forces (ISIS)

Solomon Krupacek

Huh, the GOD has come! :DDDDDDDDDDD


Wait until these people show up halfway across the world fighting for ‘Occidental interests’. :P


Stick that word “free” on there and they’ll fly off the shelves!


But, OF COURSE, what did you expect ? terrorists is unique, not many branches.


Hahaha… ISIS in the end will show who they really are.


Impossible!!! US “vetting process” is so flawless that extreme Islamist ideology could never influence those people that get branded “new, free & moderate”. ALL 4 OF THEM BY THE LAST COUNT…

John Marks

Just like the Americans allowed ISIS to escape West from Mosul, they are now allowing them to escape South from Raqqa. In both cases they are sending ISIS mercenaries against Syria.

Bill Wilson

The SAA ha been doing the same after being too chicken shit to take the fight to ISIS over the years.


Axis of Resistance will prevail or we will all be evaporated.


“According to reports, two former commanders of ISIS, “Ghassan al-Sanki” and “Mahmoud Faraj” have arrived to the area controlled by the FSA and the US Special Forces in the Syrian desert from Deir Ezzour”…TRANSLATION…United States INTERNATIONAL MERCENARY TERRORISTS I.S.I.S arrived to join their U.S/NATO MERCENARY disguised as “moderate”.

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