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ISIS Commander Flees to Europe with 400 Fighters Disguised as Refugees – Report

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According to the Italian intelligence, one of the commanders of the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group has left the Syrian battlefield and returned to Europe with about 400 fighters of his group.

ISIS Commander Flees to Europe with 400 Fighters Disguised as Refugees – Report

Lavdrim Muhaxheri, also known as Abu Abdullah al Kosova (Photo: liveleak.com)

Lavdrim Muhaxheri, a former NATO soldier, who became a commander of the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group, has left the Syrian battlefield and returned to Europe with about 400 fighters of his group, posing themselves as refugees, the Daily Mail newspaper reported, citing a report of the Italian intelligence.

According to the report, Muhaxheri, also known as Abu Abdullah al Kosova, is a Kosovo Albanian, who was trained at the largest military base of the US Army in the Balkans. The US State Department has recognized him as a serious threat to Kosovo and Albania, as well as a global terror threat after his defection to the IS.

Muhaxheri is not only one of the most active recruiters of the IS, but also one of the most public figures of the terrorist group, who appeared in a number of propaganda videos, including footage showing the process of killing of a helpless captive with a rocket (WARNING: graphic video at the link). Presumably, he is the main mastermind of a thwarted attack on the Israeli national soccer team, attacks on Serbian Orthodox churches, and other terror attacks all over the Balkans in November.

According to the Italian intelligence, Muhaxheri returned to the Balkans with his helpers in order to recommence this aborted terrorist rampage. However, at the same time, the Kosovo police give conflicting claims that he has remained in Syria and gives long-distance orders to local terrorist cells in the Balkans.

“Numerous jihadists are returning to Europe and the Balkans, aiming to hit the old continent at its heart. Some of them are being identified by security services, but many others manage to cross the borders without being identified,” the newspaper quoted the report of the Italian intelligence.

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This is propaganda. If some body think ISIS becoming weak is idiot. Obama and Israel foreign terrorist state both supporting ISIS and JN. It is not hidden word.

Charles Fasola

Stephen, Be assurred good will eventually conquer evil. The people in the US/NATO occupied nations are awakening, albeit slowly. I ask only that the hegemon itself, fraud-canada, fraud-australia, new zealand, small-britain and others of their ilk, the countries where white supremacy is the order, suffer consequences from their support of the shaitans (devils) who pervert Islam. All of the countries mentioned are controlled not merely influenced, by the criminal usurpers in zionist israel, and their christian fundamentalist indentured servants.

Charles Fasola

The European vassals of the empire will reap what they have sown. The low life scum they facilitated will bring the terror from the middle east with them to the euro-slaves. Johnson, Hollande, Merkel, this will be your legacy. Belgium, the scandanavian fraud nations, the PIGS with their nato bases will also suffer the consequences of their boot licking. God willing.

Hanny Benny

This sick unhuman psychopath(see the RPG-video) will pay for his sickness, like every known serialkiller! The western idiots will pay for their help of jihadists in Kosovo, THIS people brings only barbaric terrorism to Europe!!

Simon Gunson

Europe’s leadership are brain dead busy blaming Russia for everything & imposing sanctions whilst the real threat is under their pompous noses.

Marek Pejović

another myth fallen in 2016: that EU politicians are a good, diligent, open, far-sight sort of people. instead, they’re ideologically blind auto-genocidal weakling bigots.


“… instead, they’re ideologically blind auto-genocidal weakling bigots”

They are NOT blind, that’s the MAIN PROBLEM!

They are sold characterless p*gs that have a lot of dirt on their CVs and can be blackmailed with it. And they simply do what the World Kosher-Nostra Mafia says them to do.

Marechal Petain in Vichy – WW2- wasn’t such a cochon et collaborateur like Angela Merkel now. Anything these NWO-Jewish Mafiosi plan, she puts in practice. This is blank High-Treason.

Europe is controlled by the BILDERBERG Group and everywhere you see an ORANGE flag by some riots, be sure that George Soros’ money is involved

Lynx Fēlēs

Come on, it´s too simple too blame it all on the “jews” or the Bilderberg Group (such arguments can be easily dismissed as antisemitic). What is missing is some solid evidence! would be awsome to acquire some intelligence info. If such a plan exists, there must be some traces somewhere, which could be used as a bombshell to enlighten the public!


…but how does dismissing something as allegedly “anti-semitic” make it any LESS TRUE?

That’s called a “RED HERRING” – look it up.

Lynx Fēlēs

I don´t argue in that direction. What I am trying to say is that it is easy for political opponents to dismiss such claims as “antisemitic” or “conspiracy theories”. Regardless if it is true or not (remember 9/11), it is necessary to create a more sophisticated analysis that goes beyond blaming the Bilderberg group, the trilateral commission, the Rothschilds and what not. If you present such point of views in a scholary context you will be susceptible to serious ridicule, at the best. First of all it is neceessary to gather and structure evidences to escape the trap of “red herring”. It´s too easy for political opponents to disqualify arguments, if they are not presented in a truly rigurous fashion and backed up by solid evidence (if not, you shoot in your own foot, such as people who cite the fake protocols of the elders of zion). That´s the essence of my argument: it is necessary to flexibly adapt to and understand the strategies which are used by hegemonic actors to legitimize or de-legitimize specific discourses.

solomon mlambo

Lynx, I like your scholastic propensity for evidence. In all enersty, I do. Take it this way; the world is controlled by a ruthless cabal of the rich few. These few have all the specifications of mythological secrecy and pretentious philanthropy. They have jealously protected and perpetuated the ideology of poverty in other parts of the world so they can use it to create ISIS and Boko Haram to terrorize the same poor into submission to their satanic control. They are underworld practitioners. They profess christianity and are not. They profess to be moslems, jews or other such followings but their author is the same (satan). They hire and manipulate global politicians who govern on their behalf and invisible lot. They call for war and raise war projects which they fund to the hilt in order to win it and then enrich themselves with ill gotten lucre of war, contracts, and war reparation dues. They control the elite secret societies in the west and Mosood in particular because they are a cut from the same cloth. Their values sound good – democracy, rule of law, good governance, human rights, constitutionalism and freedom of worship. Yet disaggregated, these values mean rebellion to GOD; they mean lawlessness and other such open confrontations with your Maker. They are globally interlinked, but I am convinced the Berlin Conference !884-85 define their anachronistically vile goals of effective and comprehensive hegemony over all and sundry. They are prepared to pulverize the planet with bombs so long they can find an alternative home in the galaxy. Populations in Europe think they deserve to rule, control others and plunder the rest (indigenes).When European populations shall look back to history for answers and demand that their secret societies leaders own up and restore indigenous populations and vomit their ill gotten wealth (pay up trillions in reparations) to the aggrieved spirits of God’s own creatures , then shall we accept your world view as acceptable. Think out the role of moslems, christians (jesuits and protestants), jews under their European leaders in the colonisation and enslavement of the indigenous world and the continuation of the same ideology today by other means and marvel at the immortality of the luciferic strategy of Berlin!! This is the evidence we need to appreciate the danger that’s coming to the innocent gullible commoners of the world with WW3. We need protectors of the global village not pharisaic warmongers.

Lynx Fēlēs

Thank you for your reply. I am particularly greatful that you mentioned the Berlin conference. I am currently investigating these issues. My interest in evidence comes from a realist perspective, since I believe that we must precisely study and know our opponents before it is possible to engage. I am aware that there are hidden hands that frame our political, social and cultural reality behind the scenes. As a matter of fact, there seems to be a severe lack of information regarding these groups and their long term goals. At the same time, there is a lot of mis-information availible which is used to distract and confuse the public. In other words: they have done a great job of restricting information and limiting access to the truth. There are indeed a lot of techniques that can be used to create alternative “realities” for the public and silence dissent. Anyways, by doing so, they make serious research in this direction next to impossible, which is a very sad situation. As far as Europe is concerned, we are dealing with an old problem once again. Braindead masses on the one hand, and a tiny elite on the other, which is nearly untouchable precisely because of the fake reality they have created for the public. Sadly enough, many ordinary Europeans continue to identify with and promote the same lame tactics the cruisaders or old missionaries used. The only difference is that now colonialism has a more fashinable name as it is called “sustainable development cooperation”, “empowerment of the poor” or “support of democracy” or “civil society”. Most Germans, for example, genuinly believe that their country and value system is the epicenter of humanism in the world and that they have a quasi holy duty to “save refugees” and teach them a better (“civilized”) way of being. In essence, what is now called “integration” (a multi-million dollar industry throughout Europe) is the modern quintessence of the old missionary practice and thus utterly paternalistic and infantilizing (remember Rousseau´s concept of the “noble savage”). The problem is that these midget Merkels (whose ideologically constructed arch enemy is Russia and Iran) fail to understand is that they are not mother Theresa but active supporters of a criminal war mongering regime which makes a lot of money from selling weapons to ISIS and similar groups. France is even a worse case, since the country still feels entitled to dominate former colonies in Africa. Noteworthy, we hardly hear anything about the military interventions, coups d´etat and war crimes committed by French soldiers throughout the world. Therefore, it can be concluded that colonialism continues until today and has never really ended (compare to the work of Walter Mignolo, Anibal Quijano, Boaventura DeSousa Santos and others). Therefore I fear Europe will have to learn the hard way, and Muhaxheri seems to be just the right type of person made for this job!.

Muhammad Ishaque

they are using them giving them safe passage


:-) Yeap! It’s like “back to mama”…


If they all traveled together, they should be pretty easy to spot. If not, just look for a group of mean looking and pissed off Jihadist. Don’t go by the beards, they may have shaved already and are now wearing tourist clothing in stead of camo. Just listen for the term “Alla Hakba” used a lot!


Well, Chechen’s, is your men worthy, then show us His head on an stick, and thats it.

I this times of fluctuating theaters, the heads are always there somewhere in it, and if you play it right and have the patients to collect the info you need, you will eventually find them, and they will of course be ready, but they dont have any control of it.

Go for the heads, when that is loose, the body dissntigrades, coordination is lost, and the war will end much faster after that. Hunt them where ever they are, even in the Balkans, where the Imperial banana republic started their army of ISIS ( yeah our very own Hitlarys army like Boko Haram, forgotten already huh ), and then the Arab spring come and went, and here we are.



Hunt & eliminate.

John Mason

Can’t feel sorry for the EU who are now reaping what they started and supported. It is now up to EU citizens to vote these traitors out of office and have them replaced with people who seek peace and who have no ambitions in following US regime change policies.


As in the USA, they’ll first need to FIND AND STOP THE VOTE RIGGING that has kept the globalist puppets in power in their countries, then their votes will matter again.

Lynx Fēlēs

I wonder how the nice law obeying (and sadly brainwashed) Germans, Austrians, Swedes, etc will “integrate” this guy and his gang into their society. Do you think they can make a good Impression at the local job-center and close the demographic gap…?. Well, if all that absurd madness wasn´t for real and if I wouldn´t see it with my own eyes on a daily base, I would rather think that I am halluscinating. Who knows what the long term plan behind all that madness could be. Someone seems to be genuinly intentionally interested in destabalizing the whole region. I just don´t get the logic behind all that, but it seems to be intentional

Marek Pejović

well, i think it’s safe to point at the divide and conquer strategy: europe is was too well off, and people are culturally homogenous and conscious and so dont allow various machinations to take place. if you make it a clash of cultures and people afraid, you put them in position to be manipulated. it’s the pre-trump plans and as usual, i’d point a finger at that old hungarian scum. as for the integration of this scum, i bet it’s gonna be a blast…. 401 blast, that is.

Lynx Fēlēs

Thank you Marek for your explanation, that sounds plausible to me. It´s still an entirely mad plan because it will probably not work out the way they planned it and backfire quite soon. The major problem, however, seems to be that there is a complete lack of reliable Information regarding these subjects. There must be a think-tank or some papers published about these plans (if they are not 100% top secret). As far as Trump is concerned, I guess it´s quite early to determine which is the role he plays in this game (he might very well be a chessman), which raises the question of what will happen after Trump!. Possibly, the final goal could be the construction of a new type of totalitarian dictatorship in the Orwellian sense.

Lynx Fēlēs

-which of course would take a much longer time to unfold. And jes, this Hungarian individual might be a key actor. I will continue my research, maybe I can find some more precise information. By the way, the CIA oficially predicts EU collapse by 2020!.


The CIA ought to know their own plans!

Lynx Fēlēs

if they are smart enough, shave their beards and organize their journey well, they will be warmly welcomed, get free train tickets, a new identity, a social Service Card, even a Teddy bear and what not. That´s the paradox of late capitalist societies, traped between Conchita Wurst, Smartphones, and self-destruction. The whole policy agenda from the German arms export industry to the phony humanitarianism of the political elite and the promotion of a “new cold war” does not make any sense at all. From a realist point of view, they voluntarily act against their best interests, which raises serious questions regarding the stability of Western civilization. Maybe Oswald Spengler´s theories about the inevitable “Downfall of the Occident” (which takes some getting used to) are not too far fetched.

Lynx Fēlēs

the main question, however, is if the political elites primarily act in the name of neoliberal ideology and the logics of the market, or if there is another rather diffuse long-term agenda that could explain seemingly irrational policies such as the war on drugs in America´s backyard and other utterly confuse geo-strategical decisions such as the destabilization of Syria.

Joseph Scott

Yes, and they have even openly stated it. One of their habits is to state their exact intentions, but to do so in ways, or venues, that keep it from being obvious. It’s a riddle game. the plan is simply world unification (under them, of course). To do that, they believe it is necessary to break down any kind of structure any kind of ideology that people cling to that could make them independent and resistant to this assimilation. The World Wars were effected to break down nation-states and nationalism, and weaken religions (many of which they actually created for control purposes earlier, but now have no use for.) They believe they can mos t easily unify the world if everyone feels weak, isolated and threatened by a common enemy. That enemy will be Islamic terrorism. But in the meantime, they must also break down all the existed structures that people might turn to against a threat, so they will accept their plan for ‘salvation.’ Some of them had hoped World War One would be sufficient. That was why they coined the phrase, “The War to End All Wars.” The idea was the disheartened, war-weary people would be receptive to Woodrow Wilson’s hypocritical rhetoric and freedom and self-determination, and would see the league of nations as their salvation, and elect Wilson head of the League, unifying the world under him. His closest advisor, Colonel Edward House, quite openly wrote about all this in his memoirs. The war was set up for that very purpose. Likewise, WWII was created. Follow the trails of Freemasons and simply read what they write. They lay it all out, if often dressed up in flowery ideals. The book A Brave New World was actually written by Aldous Huxley as a critique of the world unification plan his brother Julian very seriously envisioned, and argued for in UN circles. Bill Gates is a follower of Julian Huxley’s school of thought.

The books of William Guy Carr offer a lot of the pertinent facts. Scarlet and the Beats likewise fills in useful pieces. The Freemasons are often accused of being Satanists, but this is sort of turned on it’s head from the fact. They descend from a religious tradition that far pre-dates Christianity; the character identified as Lucifer in the Judeo-Christian-Islamic tradition is indeed a very important character for them. He is their Prometheus, and is identified as the creator and patron of humanity, yet not necessarily the chief deity. He is identified as the Sumerian god Ea, who gives humanity the Ark in the Sumerian flood account. There are fairly strong indications that the “Gods” are actually believed to be powerful beings from other planets, who perhaps created humans in a more scientific sense. I recommend both Zachariah Sitchin’s books and .a general study of the Vedic religious tradition to get an idea of the sort of beliefs that lie at the core of their system, which is an extremely multi-layered onion of metaphor upon metaphor; it’s all dressed up in different guises in different times and places.

Their claim to legitimacy as rulers comes from their belief that the are the continuation of a previous advanced world civilisation whose collapse in some catastrophe is represented in the Tower of Babylon metaphor. Hence they claim to have a mission to restore us to the grace of being such a world civilisation again. This belief, combined with a belief in reincarnation (predominately following bloodlines), and a belief that the advantages one is born with or can manifest in life are a sign of one’s ‘state of Grace” (so those born or who become rich and/or powerful are seen as literally closer to the Divine all come together to become justifications, at least for some of them, for callousness, snobbery, and practically any scale of atrocity, as long as the great plan is advanced.


I believe you’re on the right track: Carr’s Pawns in the Game 1955 is excellent. So is G. Edward Griffin’s book The Creature from Jekyll Island. This brings the fiat money from thin air fraud more up to date. His valuable website: http://www.needtoknow.news To show how religions have been manipulated for wars: The Lost Hegemon Whom the Gods Would Destroy by F. William Engdahl. Finally, to show how the chosen people trace their roots/bloodlines back to the “Gods” of ancient Sumer: Our Occulted History do the global elite conceal ancient aliens? by award-winning journalist Jim Marrs. David Icke’s The Biggest Secret is also worth a read. John Doran.

Marek Pejović

if he goes to kosovo or albania or macedonia, i wonder how he will deal/be dealt with albanian mafia/political structures… on one hand, they can provide him with support if he’s useful to them, but on the other, they don’t like competition and could well make him disappear if EU or USA pays enough. hiding there is a two-edged sword.


Only one IS commander and only 400 troops. I would bet the real number is very different and much higher. I would say that IS, which has a track history of playing ahead of the curve, has been moving personnel into the EU for years. But, It is just my opinion. A good day to all.

solomon mlambo

History repeats itself. In ancient times the white emperor (Rome) created the original terrorist prototype by creating Islam and unleashing this force on the Jewish-christian people in Jerusalem. The European Catholics wanted to secure their control of the Jewish-Christian cultural legacy and maintain politico- military dominance in that region by creating a third force that quickly raised its flag on Temple Mount and brought Islam into the complex cultural mix there. The Black Moors (Arabs) went on to invade and colonise Southern Europe for over 700 years with the tacit approval of Rome. They were there to deal with the disloyal christians in the empire.They never touched Rome. Today again Rome has incubated, hatched the same heresy by operationalising the ISIS apparatus (organised, trained, directed, funded,and conscientised) by the Euro-American fascade of historical Rome, and off course delusional Jewish globalists, The leaders of ISIS are clear about their mandated Vatican role and have not touched Rome (Vatican interests) in any way, nor have they touched Israel, not to speak of the apostate Saudi-led Axis nations who pay the piper, but their followers are often sacrificed by both enemy and friend on the battle ground for political expediency. Its already late for Rome and her proxies, the ISIS Gunners are firmly on their march to Europe via Turkey and the world by extension. So the general populations of Europe must reason , read, appreciate history and prepare for their own salvation from forces of their own governments making. Remember Hitler was equally used by Rome and the European(British)-American to destroy communism after earlier failures by Europe to do so. When he failed, they stabbed him in the back sacrificing his men but protecting him in person in Argentina until he met his natural fate there in the 70s. Be free, be independent-minded avoiding the trappings of formal propaganda.

Lynx Fēlēs

Your view of Roman imperialism sounds interesting. However, I disagree that the Arabs played a major role in the downfall of the Roman Empire. During that time, Islam as a religion did not even exist, but Rome was overran and ultimately destroyed by the Huns and German tribes who would later install what could be described as Rome´s successor (above all Charlemagne and the Frank empire which laid the foundation of what would later become both France and Germany). What happened is that the former “Barbarians” adopted many elements of Roman imperial culture and administrative structures (the same pattern can be observed in Anglo-Saxon and Norman Britain). In the battle of Tours and Poitiers Charles Martel sucessfully defeated a muslim Invasion. The destiny of the Eastern Roman empire is an entirely different story, as it was finally defeated by the Turks. As far as your vision of the Vatican is concerned, I sencerely doubt that this organization continues to be as powerful as you say. On the other hand it would be interesting to know if you have some serious prove to back up your story about Hitler hiding in Argentine. If you have some evidence and actual matereal that supports your hypothesis, I would be more than interested!


and here’s a link to google.ru search page with many more – https://www.google.ru/webhp?hl=ru&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjU8d6v7dXOAhVILmMKHXsnCDMQPAgD#newwindow=1&hl=ru&q=hitler+in+argentina+evidence


Carol Davidek-Waller

Are we sure about ‘former’ NATO military commander?




“a former NATO soldier, who became a commander of the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group” — figures. Somebody needs to test out the newest BIOLOGICAL TARGETING SOFTWARE on this guy. Let’s see how small the fragments are when the missile finds his ass.

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