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ISIS Claims US-led Coalition Accidentally Bombed PMU Fighters Near Tal Afar

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The US-led coalition has accidentally bombed members of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) near the ISIS-held city of Tal Afar in northern Iraq, according to the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq.

According to the report, some 38 PMU fighters were killed as a result of the US-led coalition airstrikes near Kerkari village in the Tal Afar countryside.

If confirmed, this will be the recent in a series of incidents involving the US-led coalition and the PMU in Iraq. Earlier this year, the PMU claimed that the US-led coalition carried out military strikes on its fighters near the Syrian-Iraqi border.

ISIS Claims US-led Coalition Accidentally Bombed PMU Fighters Near Tal Afar

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Joe Doe

There are too many ACCIDENTALLY BOMBING by the americans. It makes me concluded that those bombing are well plan by the americans. It is not secrete that americans support ISIS and would like to continue the war in IRAQ and Syria as long as possible


PMU are not under US control and are suspected of being aligned with Iran, although a bit of a stretch, this might mark PMU for targeting by ‘allies’.

Tudor Miron

Is it that Joe Doe that was posting pro US/Eu and anti Assad, anti Russia trash here? If so than what made you change your mind? Facts on the ground?

Richard M

Just desperate loser propaganda.


The PMU should stay closer to the ISUS front lines.
This is a tactic called “hugging the enemy”.
To protect your troops from enemy airstrikes. :DDD


It worked at Stalingrad, but not sure if you can maintain front lines within 10 meters of an enemy in the open desert.


What a surprise …. or not.

martin aguilar

USA will continue targeting PMU, by mistake, as PMU fight ISIS like SAA.
USA are treacherous and liars, and stab you by the back whenever they can.

Real Anti-Racist Action

The PMU is a Nationalist force, while ISIS and the United Soviet States of America are Globalist-entities.
So naturally the good-PMU will be targeted by big-Satan’s air-force.

Real Anti-Racist Action

War Crime just like they did to civilians in the First and Second World war and Vietnam and Korea!
Because the world let them get away with it in the two big wars, they continue those same policies today.


Since when is ISIS releasing news for the US led coalition?


If the PMU are deemed to be deplorables, it can be justified to bomb them in support of ISIS by the gringos

Real Anti-Racist Action

The racist term gringos is a racist anti-Irish term.
During the Mexican war brigades fighting against the Mexicans were organised into their ethnic tribal groups. English were referred to ‘Red group’ and ethnic-Germans organised in ‘blue group’ and Irish into ‘green group’.
When the officers would yell ‘red go’ it meant for the formations of ethnic-English to attack.
When they would yell ‘green go’ the ethnic-Irish would attack.
The Irish were known as the best Mexican fighters.
Often times when the Mexicans would here the US officers yell out ‘green go’ the Mexicans would yell to each other gringos trying to pronounces ‘green go’ and often the Mexicans would run away from the charging Irish fighters.
Thus ever since this term has been miss applied and miss understood.

Graeme Rymill
John Brown

US-led coalition has accidentally bombed members of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) for the what 48th time in coordination with an ISIS offensive. Yes the PMU will have to base its soldiers as close to ISIS units and territory as possible so the USSA slaves of racist supremacist Israel, wont’ be able to bomb the PMU without hitting the ISIS allies of the USA and Israel.


Popular Mobilisation Units are a target. The globalist empire does not tolerate anything that is “popular”. Pentagon regards the PMU as the enemy, because they cannot control them. The difference between IA and PMU is similar to Lebanese Army and the Hezbollah. PMU is controlled by the Iraqi people and as such represents a threat to the empire’s machinations in Iraq.

Tom Tom

The U.S. “accidentally bombed…”

Haha, no. No accident. On purpose. CIA created ISIS.

Tom Tom

Need some manpads, Putin.


All this ISIS created CIA or CIA created ISIS is nonsensical… The US is running bankrupt fighting this groups and you are saying they are assisting them.. You don’t use just 5 trillions on friends when you are in ridiculously amount of debt to begin with.

The US could go broke due to the war on terror.. they put alot of work into it to doubt them.

George King

You mistake the US citizens for the transnational Oligarchs of the Wall Street Banks and its co-conspirators the Oligarchs arm of the MIC. It does not cost them anything as it is taxpayer money being spent versus the profit for Oligarchs of a transnational criminal cabal being made.

John Mason

Why would ISIS come out with such a statement unless it was in defense of the US which then proves US/ISIS relationship.


Right… We got GPS, smart bombs that can go thru windows, but we “accidentally” bomb our “allies” in the middle of nowhere…

Accident my ass…

Hey isis, enjoy your “air force” while it lasts…


Moussa Saab

I am officially losing it, I can not handle this crap from the U.S

Brad Isherwood

How about that piece of trash Abadi close down US Air operations from Erbil for investigations into
US bombings of Iraq Military and civilians.
Take about 6 months. ..
Watch Tal Afar and other outlying ISUS get rolled over quick.

US are still using air opps in Iraq to move agents ,to pull money ISUS managers out.

Abadi is trash…needs to be politically ended.
Moqtada al Sadr to….drop that Traitor** off in Saudi Arabia. …seeing that he likes the Saudi Royals so much.

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