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JUNE 2021

ISIS Claims to Shot Down Russian Military Helicopter East of Palmyra

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ISIS Claims to Shot Down Russian Military Helicopter East of Palmyra

Late on July 8, the ISIS-affiliated Amaaq news agency released a report, claiming that ISIS fighters had shot down a Russian military helicopter east of Palmyra. The reports said that the crew onboard was also killed. Nonetheless, the ISIS media outlet has not provided any proofs (photo or video) yet.

The rumors have been already fueled by the main stream media reports (including Al Jazeera).

The Russian Defense Ministry refutes the report.

Russian Air Force KA-52 Alligator chopper operating off the coast in Syria’s Latakia province:

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How is it possible if the crazies haven’t released any bloodthirsty video or pics? I don’t buy it.


Ah the typical anti american Russian guy. Never believe any claim made by groups you hate, but believe everything the Russian state controlled media feeds you pigs. I cant even blame you for your stupidity, its probably in your slavic genes. Let me tell you one thing, ALL claims made by Amaqagency (from isis) are real. Look at the video from the downing of the Russian terrorists who were shooting sand in the desert near Papmyra and got shot down. There was nothing heroic about how they got killed and it was a HUGE FAIL, yet sputniknews and rt try to make it seem heroic LOOL, just sit back watch and enjoy


Yes, it is confirmed, they downed a russian Mi35 helo. But you aren’t correct that the ISIS propaganda is always right, or that I am a slav.

Also, those helos did stop the ISIS attack.


So apparently the crash did happen, but it was a Syrian Mi-25 that was recently repaired and flown by two instructors/test pilots from Russia when they were given a mission. So Syrian helicopter with Russians was shot down.


The russian MoD and Russian state controlled media are liars. You russians are treated as shit and never told the truth. Here look at the beautiful video fromt the downing ;): https://amaq.co.za/2016/07/09/لحظة-إسقاط-المروحية-الهجومية-الروسية/

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