ISIS Destroyed Russian-Made T-90 Tank East Of Khanaser (Photo, Video)


ISIS Destroyed Russian-Made T-90 Tank East Of Khanaser (Photo, Video)

ISIS terrorists have targeted a Russian-made T-90 main battle tank with an anti-tank guided missile near the village of Drehym in the area east of the town of Khanasser in the province of Aleppo.

The incident took place on January 23 and allegedly resulted in killing of the tank’s crew.

Pro-ISIS sources claim that it was totally “destroyed” and the released video shows a burning T-90 tank. The further developments over the tank are unknown.

This could be the first T-90 battle tank destroyed by terrorists during the conflict.

The flag on the picture suggests that the battle tank had been operated by crew from Hezbollah, Fatimyoun Brigade or Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba – pro-government paramilitary groups backed by Iran.

ISIS Destroyed Russian-Made T-90 Tank East Of Khanaser (Photo, Video)

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  • Daniel Castro

    There is no invincible tank.

    • invincible probably yes but not indestructible

  • Gryphonne

    It is wrecked, unfortunately. No idea what happened to the potato crew, but they are genuine retards I think. If you look closely you can see that the rear of the tank is pointing towards the camera.

    I don’t know whether it is equipped with the laser warning system that turns the turret towards the laser source (only on T-90S or also on T-90A?), but it might be judging by the way the turret is pointing. It’s likely that the potato crew was facing the wrong way towards the threat.

    • Daniel Castro

      Now they are dead… Russia sent plenty of t-62s to Syria lately, they should send unexperienced troops into these older tanks so they train how to properly maneuver in combat. Unfortunately this is war and there will be losses and mistakes, at least they died fighting for the right side.

    • Nico

      There is not really much a tank crew can do when it is being attacked by missile.
      The tank crew can not see everything on the battlefield, since the vision sight is very limited from inside the tank. The enemies are not simply showing themselves (or they would be killed obviously) so they are hiding behind hills, bushes and in buildings and are very hard to detect. You are somehow expecting the tank crew to always know where all the enemies are, as if they had some superhuman abalities. But in reality it is much more difficult. The only way to effectively protect a modern MBT in today’s battlefield environment is with the use of APS (Active Protection System) with hard-kill system.

  • Trustin Judeau

    The tanks was operated by the Shite militia which is very incompetent.Going in open space with tanks against ISIS fighters with AGTM is not the best idea.

    • Actually, it is the Shia civilian militia that saved the Syrian people.
      They held the line for two years before anyone else (Iran or Russian) stepped in to help more.
      Also, when Israel launched entire tank divisions and 127,000 troops and navy and air-force to conquer the Lebanese people, the 5,000 man civilian Shia militia stood firm in the face of onslaught, and destroyed more then 40 Israeli tanks and sank the Israeli capital naval ship and liberated the Christians and Muslims of Lebanon from the invading droves of endless Atheist.

      • Trustin Judeau

        The Shia militia I am talking is not Hezbollah.I am talking about Iraqi militia.Sorry but they didnt do shit.They were ordered to take on district in Aleppo and they couldnt do it for some time.Once the Palestnian brigade stepped in the district was taken.

  • 888mladen .

    Waste of money to give such an expensive equipment into hands of people who have no training neither are capable of logical thinking. There is no feeling of ownership among fighters in Syrian pro government paramilitary. It seems like they couldn’t care the less.

    • Brad Isherwood

      A previous T 90 lost in Syria found the Crew had not activated the defence suit.
      Another was lost due to mechanical issues. ..which the crew abandoned the rank.

      I have posted Syrian Tank assault in Jobar….this forum Syper, ..other.
      Syrian tank units are world class. …Israel has tank crews which have never matched movement and targeting skill.

      Syria is a tragic reality of letting your guard down in war.
      Like the poor citizens walking near Aleppo. ..and killed by ATGM. ..then the ambulance.

      You can’t teach awareness…it is…or it isn’t. … : (

      No one owes Syria ….anything…
      Yet I do agree with you….that Iran has not committed to the regional conflict as able.
      IRGC are not Iran’s military…
      Syria suffers from interlink of command and organization.

      Hopefully Russian and Syrian TAC air decimate ISIS weapons arsenals and gathering points.
      It should be this with SAT coverage.

      Assad needs to call up soldiers from the citizen.
      Russia can help with special forces and Forward TAC air controller.
      Iran…we are still waiting.
      Hezbollah….The Pride of the Lebanon. ….as good as Green Beret in Vietnam.

      The conflict is turning against Empire. …the Saudi are fail.
      The Kurds are confused..
      Der Ezzor Province is turned against ISIS. ….this may indeed be the turning point : )

      • PZIVJ1943

        This is a turning point. A last gasp offensive by ISUS! They have given it their all at Deir Ezzor, but will fail.

        • Brad Isherwood

          Letting ISIS gather under the push at Der Ezzor does give Russia SAT coverage the
          Real time hammer.
          Russia has limited resources vs 5000 + kooks and their US/Saudi weapons.

          It’s slow game turn…but for the best…
          ISIS are stupid and gather weapons and command at common point,
          Get roasted.
          Russia/Syria appear to be Hunting them now from AL Hasakah airport .
          The ISIS tumbling out of Iraq and from Jordan are going to face high %
          Risk in transit.

          Empire with British /Saudi from Jordan realize they have failed.
          Unless Trump is deep state puppet….things may turn quickly for Syria.

          The Vietnamese beat the US, Australian. …and France….

          It really does happen…

          A People’s Army wins against the confused hired soldier of Empire : )

          • Ace

            ** The Vietnamese beat the US, Australian. …and France…. **

            The US achieved a military victory. Democrats in the US Congress turned it into a surrender. See the book “Decent Interval.”

        • Brad Isherwood

          How Experten the Russian intelligence …If They can erase ISIS weapons cache
          And clobber key command groups,…the losses may be more than Saudi/Qatar
          And Britian can manage .
          If Trump does not arm Takfiri as Obama did,
          The attrition rate favors Syria…as The 3 above have spent millions on a conflict for region they are losing.
          The recent Energy/Trade signatory between Iran and Syria is big….Iran
          Appears confident they will have the future return on investment and keep
          The Shia Crescent.
          Israel gonna kick chairs. ….Saudi see their scheme fail.

      • Jacek Wolski

        Kurds attacking ISIS. Yes, they must be confused 😂

        • Brad Isherwood

          Not the point…

          Kurds Are #@$$ing Confused**..from Accross *……Syria …to Iraq.

          Do you dispute this?…

          KURDS ARE…..their ….worst enemy.

          Why reach and push for what is not in extant law?

          There was a huge** Kurdistan. …..before Sykes Pico.
          That was long ago…
          No one pushes gambling chips at Monaco for that.

          The Kurds are a brave people…..brave Like Hezbollah ..
          If Islam needs bravery stories…they got them in spades from Hezbollah to
          The Lions …of Der Ezzor! !.

          The former Colonial reach into Syria fails,
          The US is not wanted in the ME.
          Egypt moves….Iran moves…and now Silk Road.

          Angry Bankers in London I suspect. …Neocons in America.

          • Kell

            Silk road + Shia crescent spells long term doom for the “You know whos”.

          • Brad Isherwood

            CIA is Vatican /Jesuit…
            The old angst against the Orthodox Church/Russia.
            Jews/Israel maneuver for position alongside the Giant, …who has in the past,…
            Smashed them to pieces ( Ancient Rome).

            The Rise of Shia ..being some 15% of Islam threatens the Sunni.
            IMO….The Old Vendetta is still the Primacy. it has been economic, banking and war

          • Kell

            House of Saud is jewish, Jesuits are jewish converts or jews useful to the church Black Pope et al, Black Nobility of Venice are jewish families, Medicis etc – Rome began its fall after certain jews that survived the siege at Masada were bought to Rome and began spreading their intrigues – the cats out of the bag though and the harsh light of day falling upon their dark deeds isnt good for survival, long term.

      • John Whitehot

        The tank of which crew did not activate the defence suite was not lost, it was recovered and put back into service.

  • sólyomszem

    yeah, if leopard2, then the tank is shit. if t-90, then the crew is shit :DDD

    objectivity on high level.

    the t60 is also 30 years old concept. has no chance in the battle. until now the jihadists have only old weapons, like tows. if they would get newer developed ones, no tank had chance to survive.

    the real situation is that, the antitank weapons are on higher level then the defence systems. it has real reason, why will russia less amount of armatas in comparison to former types.

  • PZIVJ1943

    Looks like Sauds have launched plan B. Sending many ATGM’s into Syria. Just ask the Turks!

  • Houssem Faci

    will the area that is burning is the back or side of the turret or somewhere in between . No tank can resist a powerful blow from there .

  • Hunter1324

    It was a matter of time for a T-90 to be lost catastrophically… What I did not expect is that a few Leopard 2’s would be KK before any T-90’s did.

    • John Whitehot

      the only catastrophe going on here is the one western and israeli propagandists are causing to themselves when commenting the syrian conflict.

  • John Whitehot

    actually, no footage of any atgm hitting the tank is seen. Until then, the vid only shows a tank burning. It’s very suspicious as an atgm penetration would cause catastrophic explosions, don’t forget that the T-90 still has the ammunition stored the same way older T-72s had, it’s just much better protected.
    From the little that can be seen here this tank could have been abandoned by its crew, taken by ISIS and then burned, to show it on cameras. IF there was an atgm hit, we would be seeing it. When ragheads state something but fail to prove it with objective eveidence, always assume they are lying.

    • testera

      Yep. Adiitional info is needed.
      The only thing I could find is this:

    • testera

      Yep. Additional info is needed.
      The only thing I could find is this:

    • Ho Pw

      You are correct. The tank hit at the rear and not the side or front.

      • John Whitehot

        If the tank was hit at the rear the fire would had reached the ammo (making it explode) in the turret bustle, before reaching the inside of the turret as it appears in the vid.

        • Daniel Isaac Andreassen

          not necessarily.

          • John Whitehot

            if you can find a way to reach the turret fighting compartment, starting from the back hull, without passing through the turret bustle I’ll send you cookies.

          • Nico

            The tank is already burning, so of course did the ammunition obviously explode you moron. Just because the turret didn’t fly off (which happens rarely) doesn’t mean the tank wasn’t destroyed. You are so stupid

          • John Whitehot

            lololol – how can people be so ignorant. There is no sign of internal explosion you can say whatever you want but it does not change this fact by a bit. By your logic I could spill alcohol on the inside, light it with a lighter and then claim that “of course the ammunition did not explode you moron”. Moreover, turrets flying does not happen “rarely”, it happens when internal ammunition blows up. Even if it does not “fly”, you’re sure as hell that we’ll be seeing a tank fiercely browing up, not a couple of flames coming up an open hatch.

            “You’re so stupid”
            You just stated that “since there are flames coming from an hatch there must had been an internal explosion”. I’ ll let anybody with at least a grain of intellectual honesty, or at least some technical knowledge, elaborate on who’s covering himself in ridicule here.

    • chris chuba

      Good points but does ISIS typically show ATGM hits when they release videos or only their aftermath? I know that the Houthis are very proud and will show the entire attack.

      Also, both hatches are open and only the one on the left has a fire, would this imply that the crew did get out? I’ve never seen a T90 in person but I was under the impression that tank hatches are designed to be open from the inside if they are manned but I could be wrong. I have no military experience.

      • John Whitehot

        My point is that since the start both ISIS and other moderates release videos and make claims related to them. Most of the times though, at least part of their claims is not supported by whatever appears in the videos. In addition, this particular video does not seem to suggest an ATGM hit, as it would had set off the ammunition. One possible explanation could be that there was no ammunition in the turret bustle but that would raise serious questions on the fact that the tank was engaged in combat – on the other side, it would suggest that ISIS removed the ammo (to employ it for IEDs or other uses) from an abandoned tank before setting it on fire.
        It’s not surprising at all, as most jihadist propaganda is directed to illiterates and analphabet parts of muslim population which they perceive as those who should enroll in their jihads and so on.

        • Nico

          Bla Bla Bla you are just speculating and assuming unrealistic things. Just face it, this T-90 was destroyed. And this is not the first time a T-90 was destroyed in Syria, there was also another T-90 also being hit and destroyed by ATGM. Just search youtube and you will find the video. The T-90 is not invincible, so suck it up

          • John Whitehot

            no really? let me guess, you’re butthurt because the turkish Leos are getting their asses handed over to them by ragheaded rabble? You’re right, there are no invincible tank – that does not change anything, especially the fact that in two comments and several lines of text you still have to make up a single point in support of your argument (which of course is the one ISIS expressed). Bla Bla are things like “you are just speculating and assuming unrealistic things, making up very cringy excuses. Just face it, this T-90 was destroyed either by ATGM or whatever”, exactly the way you express. Since you have nothing to counter the points I made in previous comments, it’s not surprising you just go about and rant.

            “there was also another T-90 also being hit and destroyed by ATGM”
            lol, and also ten more turkish leopard-2s

          • SqubaSquid808

            I know this is a couple months late but that does not matter. I stumbled upon this video and started reading the comments. The “argument” I was following irritated me to the point where I made this account just to say what I’m about to say. I am no tank expert but I agree with you John. Your points, (there are more than one so it’s plural, Nico), make sense. The ISIS scumbags love to post videos of them successfully hitting tanks with ATGMs. Successfully is the key word here. They never show their missed shots. Like John was saying, Nico, it’s all propaganda geared toward asshat extremists to make it seem better than it is. Also Nico, your argument is just shit. “No tank is invincible”…no shit, John even agreed with you there but you keep using that as a weak main point. After reading what John commented and seeing many videos of Syrian tanks being hit by ISIS ATGMs, his argument makes more sense. They ALWAYS show the tank being hit before shooting fire out of the top hatch. That way they can scream their favorite two word phrase over and over again. That being said, we don’t actually know exactly what happened. Given what is shown and what we know about ISIS’s tank kill videos, it’s quite obvious that this one is staged. John, I admire your dedication in destroying this asshat, which I feel you did very well. And to you Nico… you got destroyed. Reading your replies to John gave me a good laugh. I forgot how moronic people could be.

          • John Whitehot

            thanks, I’m glad you concur with my points

    • Bob

      Interesting point, the last time T-90 fell into militants hands it was due to electronic systems failure and the crew abandoned it. These things happen with complex computational systems – all systems subject to crashing. Along lines of your suggestion, is worth noting there is no smoke from the barrel, as generally seen with tank cook off, due to the intense internal gases/ pressures expanding in the turret.

      • John Whitehot

        Actually, it was due to engine failure. You don’t need electronic systems to drive a tank back to your lines, you need a working engine and intact tracks.

        • Bob

          Fair call – though, engine ignition is run from electronic systems.

          • John Whitehot

            So the crew turned the engine off and could not start it again. It must had been Allah’s intervention. Next time my Peugeot does not start up I’ll know who to blame :D

    • testera

      I posted here a link to some additional information (it might be legit), but it was marked as spam and whole post is gone. Let me try again:

    • Lương Anh Chính

      If i was IS rebels, i wouldn’t burn such a glorious trophy like a brand new T-90A. Just to remind you that the last time they captured a T-90 ( cast turret 1993 ver), they kept it intact.

      • John Whitehot

        trophy? trophies got no use. If the tank had engine damage for example, the ragheads would consider more valuable to perform this pantomime. When a tank cannot drive by itself you need big trucks, time and effort to move them. ISIS would not risk this even if they had the right equipment, as such operation would be detected and they would be destroyed in airstrikes along with the tank. Even if by miracle they could salvage the tank without getting killed, they still would need to repair it, and they have no spares nor know-how (if it was a T-55 it would be different).
        No, ISIS did the only thing they could to exploit this situation – a propaganda show. But as usual, the only people they fool are retarded arabs, brainwashed westerners and hateful ukrainians.

        • Nico

          There is also another video of another T-90A being hit and destroyed in Syria by an ATGM (just searhc youtube and you will find it). This is not the only and not the first time a T-90A in Syria is destroyed by ATGMs. And it will surely not be the last time. The tank is not invincible. An Active Protection System (APS) such as the trophy would help a lot, because it would protect the tank against missiles. To say that it “got no use” is stupid and incorrect. Trophy has been proven many times protecting the Merkava and intercepting many threats multiple missiles. Even IF tank had engine damage, which is very rare (what a stupid example btw) because engines usually don’t just malfunction without a reason, even then the tank could still be recovered and repaired and sent back to battle. If ISIS ever got their hands on a modern western tank (that is still working), they would definitely use it in combat, just like hundreds of captured T-55s. They would not care about being destroyed from aircraft, because they don’t care about death, in fact they want to die because it’s th only way to heaven and 72 virgins (in their belief) so they are not afraid of death anyway. The reason they don’t use it, is because it was destroyed by ATGM. YOu are just a very disillusioned and sad little guy who can’t accept reality.

          • John Whitehot

            you’re really a stupid analphabet. Trophy as in taking trophies from the battlefield. Not as in “Israeli active protection system”. That was the meaning of both my comment and the previous poster one.

          • Lotte

            There is no such video where T-90 is being destroyed and exploding with no hope (with crew dying in a hell). But there is a video where it gets hit by a missile but that’s just it.

          • Marko Ivanišević

            Why you repeat youself?

  • Ryan

    People, please. Look closely. Notice that both hatches are open, but that energetic flames are only at one of the hatches. If this was an ammo fire, do you think that the fire chose to come out of one hatch and not the other? This is an ammo fire, yes, an ammo fire of the machine gun ammo box for the externally mounted AA gun.

  • Misha Bogdanov

    They just threw molotov on it and crew escaped, you can clearly see both hatches are open but tank is burning on right side only and MG ammo is cooking off, there are no inside demages to the tank. If tank was destroyed then fire would come out of both hatches and not only one. Only visible demage this T-90 suffered is it`s 12.7mm machinegun being knocked out with it`s ammo burning. There would be at least smoke coming out of left hatch. Plus there are no flamable things inside T-90 except ammo that is protected inside of hull and fire would not come out on top since all Russian tanks have reinforced ammo storage and tank would blow up beneeth and still be operatable with only ammo missing.

    • chris chuba

      We’ll know for sure if ISIS uses this tank in the field.

  • Kell

    Yes Afghan militias should be getting T-62s and T-55s, simple and straightforward to use – T-90s should be for breakthrough/assault forces ie Tiger forces and Republican gaurd.

  • dalmar23

    This tank is facing its back toward the camera actually. Most if not all ATGMs dated even to the early 1990s would penetrate that. Probably crew fault. Red on other site that the crew abandoned the tank after the 1st hit and after that another hit started the fire