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ISIS Claims Terrorist Attacks Against Libyan National Army In Derna (Map)


ISIS has claimed responsibility for two car bomb attacks that injured at least 18 people in the eastern coastal city of Derna on June 2. The ISIS media said that the attack targeted a military unit of the Libyan National Army (LNA) led by Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar. According to the ISIS media, 19 persons were killed. The terrorist group also said that its members attacked a LNA unit on the road between Baha and Jufrah.

The interesting fact is that ISIS has increased its attacks in the LNA-controlled area since the start of the army’s advance on the city of Tripoli. These allow pro-LNA sources to speculate that ISIS is in fact assisting forces loyal to the Government of National Accord (GNA) that defend Tripoli.

ISIS Claims Terrorist Attacks Against Libyan National Army In Derna (Map)

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  • Brother Ma

    Well that is obvious. What is also obvious is that Haftar’s march on Tripoli has stalled since the Turks brought in vehicles,weapons and their own operatives by ship.
    What does Russia have to say for itself? Another talk with Erdo? Another ceasefire? How about giving an LNA an anti -missile and let them blow the tUrks up whilst coming in. Plausible deniability for the Russkies. It was a “rogue”splintwr group of LNa ovwr wgich we hafe no control.

    Didn’t obama do that when the turco fsa chopped off the boy’s head in the pick-up truck?They can say the place is flooded with weaponry! Being predictable is not good chessmanship!