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ISIS claims responsibility for the A321 crash

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On Saturday, flight A321 plane crashed in a mountainous area of Sinai, Egypt

ISIS claims responsibility for the A321 crash

Debris of the Russian airliner crash

Yesterday’s plane crash in Sinai region left 224 people dead. No survivors were reported.

The black boxes of the plane have already been recovered and have been sent way to start the investigation process.

Meanwhile, many hypotheses regarding the cause of the accident have been made. Some claim that the airliner could have some kind of technical problem that may have resulted in the fatal crash, and others don’t discard the idea of a terrorist attack.

ISIS has claimed its responsibility on the event by releasing a horrific video in which it’s possible to see the alleged plane in flames in the air before it crashed on the ground.

It’s widely known that many extremist groups associated with ISIS might have threatened to carry out terrorist attacks on Russian objectives since the intervention of Moscow in the Syrian conflict.

However, Egyptian and Russian governments have denied any possible terrorism link in the incident.

Professor Michael Clarke, Director General of the Royal United Services Institute, says that the possibility that a bomb inside the plane could have been the cause of the crash must also be considered.

Investigations are just beginning to make any conclusion.

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