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ISIS Claims Responsibility For Homs Ambush, Says 25 Syrian Soldiers Were Killed Or Injured

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ISIS has claimed responsibility for the recent attack on a bus carrying Syrian Arab Army (SAA) soldiers in the eastern Homs countryside.

ISIS Claims Responsibility For Homs Ambush, Says 25 Syrian Soldiers Were Killed Or Injured

A photo released by ISIS’ Amaq allegedlly showing the aftermath of the attack on the SAA’s bus in eastern Homs. Click to see full-size photo.

In an official statement released by the Amaq news agency, the terrorist group said its fighters targeted the bus with an improvised explosive device (IEDs) and machine guns as it was passing on Hamimah’s road to, east of the T3 pumping station.

“As a result [of the ambush], ten soldiers, including six officers, were killed and fifteen others were injured,” that statement, that was released on May 1, reads.

Pro-government sources dismissed ISIS’ claims, reporting that only six soldiers were killed in the ambush. The sources identified the causalities as:

  • Pte. Imad Refaat al-Saleem;
  • Pte. Hassan Abdel Karim Ibrahim;
  • Pte. Muhammad Abdul Karim al-Ahmad;
  • Pte. Abdul Rahman Abdul Hamid Odeh;
  • Pte. Hassan Ali Mustafa;
  • Pte. Sharaf Khalid al-Amer.

In the last few months, ISIS remnants in the Homs desert stepped up their attacks. In response, the army and its allies launched a large-scale security operation in the region.

ISIS terrorists managed to launch several attacks, in spite of the ongoing operation. This shows that the situation in the Homs desert is more dangerous than what’s thought. The SAA and its allies will have to contribute more efforts and time to fully eliminate the remaining terrorists there.


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ISIS never releases videos of their attacks on US/SDF despite constant “anti-ISIS” activities in the vast US-occupied parts of Syria. And suddenly, when the Turkish Ziowahhabi terrorists in Idlib need it more, ISIS starts regular attacks on the SAA in other parts of Syria, especially close to al-Tanf, ISrael and Jordan.


Oh of course they claimed responsibility. How utterly predictable. Yawwwnnnnnnn.


Well, I just wonder when Russia-SAA will finish their job (tto get rid of terrorists) int his area. Of course, one can say hundred of good excuses.


This will go on for years there are powerful players in this world who do not want to see peace in Syria and there will always be some dumb arab dog ready to fight for isreal

Rafik Chauhan

This is not ISIS attack its the US and thier militant who carried out the attack near T3. with US logistic support. in this type of Attack you cannot know who to blame. bcuz no ISI injured or get killed to claim its I
SISi attack.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Russian choppers should be at the T4 airbase, and if they can’t be there then Assad and the Russians should just build another bigger airbase at Palmyra, and who cares how much money it costs, it’ll actually save money and lives in the long run, it’s just a damn shame the Russians can’t use the T4, that’s what it really should be used for, not what it is, the SAAF and Russia shouldn’t have to build another base to effectively fight Isis, but I think that’s what they’re going to have to do.

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