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ISIS Claims Responsibility For Attack On US-led Coalition Troops In Manbij (Video)


ISIS has claimed responsibility for the recent attack on a patrol of US-led coalition forces in the strategic city of Manbij.

“A martyrdom attacker with an explosive vest stuck a patrol of the international coalition in the city of Manbij in northeastern Aleppo,” the ISIS-linked news agency, Amaq, said in a short press release.

According to the available information, the terrorist attack claimed the lives of at least ten local fighters and two U.S. service members [according to later reprots – 4 US servicemembers were killed, 3 injured]. The US-led coalition and the Manbij Military Council (MMC) are yet to confirm or deny this.

“CJTF-OIR [Combined Joint Task Force – Operation Inherent Resolve] is aware of open source reports regarding an explosion in Syria. Coalition forces conducted a routine patrol in Syria today. We are still gathering information and will share additional details at a later time,” the coalition said on Twitter.

Local sources released a video showing the exact moment of the attack inside the Prince Restaurant. No U.S. service members can be seen outside the restaurant. This may confirm that they were all inside when the suicide bomber blow himself up.

This is the first time ISIS cells attack US-led coalition forces in Syria. Previous attacks were mainly aimed against Kurdish fighters and locals who cooperated with the coalition.

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  • gustavo

    Biting the hand of the persons that feed you ?

  • dinnedup

    Nah! Western Intelligence services finger prints all over the murder scene.

  • potcracker777

    it was Isis….on US military intelligence orders……….good reasoning for them to Keep troops in syria and no Change in Status quo.

    • BL

      Smells like Israel to be honest. No one freaked out over Trump’s withdrawal order more than Netanyahu. They have a history of killing American civilians and troops in false flag attacks to force America to make decisions that would benefit Israel (example: USS Liberty, Lavon Affair, 9/11)

  • AJ

    Trump plans to withdraw then a suicide bomb kills US personnel – just a coincidence!!

    • Tommy Jensen

      It means ISIS is still a danger. We double down and send 8 in replacement…………LOL.

      • Bob

        And right on cue – a pro-Israeli stooge-troll reads from the entirely predictable script.

        • Scott

          It’s always a “hasabrasa account” when they don’t think like you eh?



    • You can call me Al

      Blue on blue.

  • bertek

    Looks like they killed more of their own people than Ameritrash.

    When I see things like this it leaves no doubt in my mind that the US government itself is behind ISIS.

  • Luke Hemmming

    My conspiratal mind can’t help but think these US soldiers were used as sacrificial lambs by higher powers (someone in the Pentagon or CIA, maybe even Mossad) to try and convince Trump the US needs to stay, albeit illegally, in Syria?

  • Sinbad2

    An ISIS spokesman at ISIS HQ in Langley Virginia said?

  • northerntruthseeker .

    OK.. Now we know this Manjib attack was a false flag simply because the US runs and controls ISIS!