ISIS Claims Killing Of 7 Russian Soldiers In Uqayribat, Starts Large Propaganda Campaign (Photos 18+)

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ISIS Claims Killing Of 7 Russian Soldiers In Uqayribat, Starts Large Propaganda Campaign (Photos 18+) 4 out of 5 based on 4 ratings. 4 user reviews.

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On Saturday, the Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed that the strategic Uqayribat town in the eastern Hama countryside is now under a full control of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

The ministry added that the operation was actively supported by the Russian Aerospace Forces.

The ISIS-linked news agency Amaq claimed that ISIS fighters killed 7 Russian soldiers in Uqayribat town. Amaq published photos of the bodies of only two dead “Russian” fighters. However, the killed persons were likely some private military contractors or members of some pro-government militia.

ISIS Claims Killing Of 7 Russian Soldiers In Uqayribat, Starts Large Propaganda Campaign (Photos 18+)

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ISIS Claims Killing Of 7 Russian Soldiers In Uqayribat, Starts Large Propaganda Campaign (Photos 18+)

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ISIS has started a large-scale propaganda campaign claiming large casualties among pro-government forces, including Russian military service members. Earlier this week, ISIS claimed that its members have killed two Russian service members in the same area.

Moreover, Amaq claimed that 10 SAA soldiers were killed in a VBIED attack on their positions in al-Na’aimah village east of Uqayribat town.

ISIS Hunters claimed earlier that ISIS fighters launched a counter attack on Uqayribat town. According to the SAA 5th Assault Corps’ ISIS Hunters, women and children suicide bombers were among the attackers.

The SAA battle against ISIS in the eastern Hama countryside could be considered one of the hardest battles against ISIS in Syria so far. Hundreds of ISIS fighters remained in the area after the SAA failed to push them out in the beginning of 2017.

Meanwhile, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies reached Bir Ghabaghib village on the al-Sukhnah-Deir Ezzor highway, according to the Hezbollah media wing in Syria. The SAA is now less than 40km away from Deir Ezzor city.

However, according to pro-government sources, the SAA has not captured Bir Ghabaghib yet. Bir Ghabaghib and al-Shula villages are the last two ISIS-held positions on the al-Sukhnah-Deir Ezzor Highway.

The SAA will likely work to secure its northern and southern flanks before advancing towards these villages.

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Carol Binkley

Terror tactics.


If Russia boasted every ISISraeli Daeshi they’ve killed; some imported to Syria by USA and other international terrorists, from Chechnya and other parts of Russia, tens of thousands of photographic records such as the one on this report would have to be released. This Hollywood-style propaganda from ISIS only makes their need to be exterminated more imperative than before.

DJ Double D

My source told me that Russian soldiers were definitely killed during VBIED attack. You have to understand this: the rapid progress being achieved now on all fronts is as a result of strong Russian support (more fearless warriors leading the way), so unfortunately, we may hear this type of news again.


Dude, if u have sources of information, why tell us?
do u really think telling us makes a difference? It doesn’t! Therefore there is no practical or tactical reason to tell us because what are we gonna do with this info?!
You are showing off or more likely u are full of shit!

Solomon Krupacek
DJ Double D

My source just informed me that ISIS recaptured part of Uqayribat. A very intense fighting is going on at the moment in different locals of the town. ISIS used women and children for their VBIED attacks on the positions of SAA, who suffered large casualties as usual. This is where some Russian soldiers were killed as well. The problem is that SAA as usual is always fast in announcing capture of towns and villages before entirely securing them. This has to stop. ISIS tactics of late is pretending to withdraw, allowing government troops to enter and then VBIEDing them bad and reconquer. Something has to be done.

Solomon Krupacek

not your sorce, for 6 h is on twitter :P


BJ Double G (G stands for GAY)
is a TROLL!!!!

Blow Job Double Gay!!


Using children for fighting, attacks, is disgusting.

IS using women in fighting is something seen in Mosul too. I fully support, in general, women taking part in wars, fighting, though I consider everyone, males and females, fighting for IS to be beyond reason and beyond stupid.

Tudor Miron

If those are really remainings of our worriors than glory to them. Mother Russia always remembers its hero sons – her heart is bleeding but she’s also proud of her children.
If this head chopping rats think that this can scare a nation that lost 27 millions in WWII than bad luck for them. In Russian culture (old Kasak songs in particular) there’s talking from a view of wounded soldier knowing that death is coming. Sad songs but very beautiful. Russians don’t expect the enemy to be weak. They expect to die when going to war, some westeners call it Russian fatalism.
Dirty rats are biting but this is nothing more than agony. Using woman and children as suicide bombers – this is as low as it gets. Those that send them to die are waiting for US helicopters to evacuate them to safe places. There will be no escape.
Rest in peace worriors.

Marc Fischer

US helicopters and Israeli medics ..


oh what i joy for Israel.. they must be singing and jumping for this wonderful day in Tel Aviv.

Alex Black

Those arent russian soldiers, as russian soldiers can not have beards.

Marc Fischer

The Zionist entity must be helping Daesh with their lying propaganda. After all, they’re experts at deception, having honed their skills to a fine art over the decades, by convincing most of the western world that they should be the rightful owners of occupied Palestine. The Zionazis have managed to persuade the international community that they (The violent armed robber) have more right to ownership than the traumatized victim.


Like in the Chechen libration war, Russian way of hiding its losses is gross

John Whitehot

ISIS is full of european looking fighters too.

It’s sure as hell that they’ll try to pass every euro looking fallen combatant as Russian. And it ain’t that they have large numbers of dead bodies from their own side.


More and more Russian Soldiers and Mercenaries at the front it seems.

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