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JUNE 2021

ISIS Claims Killing Of 32 SDF Members In Raqqah City

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32 members of the US-backed Syrian Demoractic Forces (SDF) have been killed in the areas of the Great mosque and the Salam hospital in the city of Raqqah, according to the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq.

Amaq claimed that the attacks started with SVBIEDs explosions and continued with a direct assault of the ISIS members. However, the terrorist group was not able to regain any ground from the SDF.

Meanwhile, the US-led coalition airpower and artillery continued shelling the ISIS-held part of the city while the SDF was preparing for another attempt to retake the Old Raqqah area from ISIS. Old Raqqah is one of the key defense sites of ISIS inside the city. If it’s retaken by the SDF, the ISIS defense inside Raqqah may collapse.

The map below provides a sceptic look at the SDF gains inside the city:

ISIS Claims Killing Of 32 SDF Members In Raqqah City

Click to see the full-size map

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Justin Ryan

DutchNational will complain that this number is exaggerated OR / AND that the report does not include ISIS deaths, therefore claiming (as the dumb troll always does) that the report is biased and “fake news”!

But everyone knows that DutchNational is a piece of shit who war games for Terrorists against the SAA but will never say a bad word about the SDF, even when they are caught red handed torturing people!

comment image


But why do you believe these ISIS claims?
For sure their propaganda department has been working OT as of late!

The Farney Fontenoy

True, but considering the damage they did to the SAA in CQB it’s believable.

Red Tick Alert

Probably a Turkish Kurd or something.

Red Tick Alert

PS I did add this, but it didn’t seem to come on – or it is banned.

“Oh FFS – the imagine you posted has only just come on my screen – this c**t needs eliminating.”

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