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JUNE 2021

ISIS Claims Killing Of 105 Iraqi Soldiers At Syrian-Iraqi Border

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On Thursday, the ISIS-linked al-Naba’a magazine released an infographic describing ISIS attacks against the Iraqi Army in the al-Tanaf area on the Iraqi side of the Syrian-Iraqi border from June 19 to August 16.

In the infographic, ISIS claimed that 105 Iraqi soldiers were killed in three attacks on Iraqi Army positions.

The first attack took place on June 19. ISIS attacked the Iraqi Army positions in Jmunha area near al-Tanaf. ISIS claimed that 17 Iraqi soldiers were killed in the attack and 31 Iraqi Army vehicles were destroyed.

ISIS Claims Killing Of 105 Iraqi Soldiers At Syrian-Iraqi Border

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The second major attack was in Jmunha area on June 29. ISIS claimed that 28 Iraqi soldiers were killed as a result of it. 8 Iraqi army positions and 6 vehicles were also destroyed by ISIS fighters during the attack, according to al-Nab’a infographic.

On August 6, ISIS conducted against Iraqi forces in Jmunha area took place. 70 Iraqi soldiers were killed during the attack as ISIS claimed.

Al-Naba’a also claimed that ISIS fighters killed 22 other Iraqi soldiers in the al-Tanaf area. ISIS fighters carried out 8 attacks with IEDs in the area and captured 9 vehicles from the Iraqi Army from June 19 to August 16.

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General Surena

not a real numbers… heh… its maybe 28 ..
1240 isis terorists dead at the same date….


So the suicide terrorists count their victims?


They can release these shiny infographs for all they want, it still doesn’t disguise, no, it actually confirms that they’re fighting a losing war. Because they used to control Mosul, and basically the entire Sunni triangle. And now they’re making shiny infographs of some rearguard battle near shithole city and backwateristan province, their last holdouts.

Even the Germans still made propaganda newsreels of their occasionally successful counterattacks up till april 1945. It still didn’t disguise that an army that once stood from Brest on the Atlantic to Stalingrad on the Wolga was now fighting in the heart of Germany.

eric zweistein

SouthFront – the voice of ISIS


They simply and honestly report from all sides. Mainly from the Syrian and Iraki army , but also sometimes also from the Al-Qaida, FSA, Kurdish , ISIS and illegal US coalition when the latter make statements.


I believe it because the last attack was coordinated with the US who supported the lSIS assault with their ground missiles they launched from Al-Tanf. The PMU reported a huge number of dead as a result of the US ground missiles. This was clearly done to prevent the road (passes through Al Tanf) connecting Syria to Iran (though Irak) from being liberated, hence the strong Iraki side had to be weakened, according to Israeli proclaimed whishes of annihilition or at least weakening of these countries .

Graeme Rymill

There is still not a shred of evidence that this US missile strike took place. Where are the photos and videos? Where are photos of the dud rocket rounds with US markings on them? The PMU likely was surprised by ISIS, took a beating, and blamed the US to cover up its mistakes.


I admit your point, you may be right.

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