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JUNE 2021

ISIS Claims Killing Dozens Of SDF Fighters In Gharanij Area (Photos, Video)

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ISIS Claims Killing Dozens Of SDF Fighters In Gharanij Area (Photos, Video)

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On January 12, a VBIED of ISIS targeted a headquarter of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) around Gharanij town in the southeastern Deir Ezzor countryside, according to the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq. The media outlet said that twenty SDF fighters were killed and seven vehicles of the SDF were destroyed in the VBIED attack.

ISIS Claims Killing Dozens Of SDF Fighters In Gharanij Area (Photos, Video)

Abu al-Zubai al-Omari, the VBIED driver

Moreover, Amaq reported that ISIS snipers killed five fighters of the SDF during clashes inside Gharanij town. ISIS fighters killed six other SDF fighters after targeting their position northwest of Hajin town with an ATGM, according to the source.

Local sources said that the US-backed forces started evacuating the civilians from Gharanij through a safe route after capturing large parts of it. However, the SDF didn’t confirm these claims yet.

In a related development, opposition sources said that US-led coalition airstrikes killed twenty civilians and injured thirty others in Gharanij on January 11.

The US-led coalition stepped up its anti-ISIS bombing campaign in the southeastern Deir Ezzor countryside after the terrorist group had repelled several attacks of the SDF.

From its side, ISIS claimed in an infographic released by the ISIS-linked newspaper al-Naba’a that its fighters killed ninety fighters of the SDF and captured four others during the last seven days.

ISIS Claims Killing Dozens Of SDF Fighters In Gharanij Area (Photos, Video)

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Nice for once I am really thankful to Daesh keep killing those fucking kurdish motherfucker US proxy rats.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Have to agree with you because they are no worse than the terrorists, to me it’s terrorists killing terrorists let them kill each other off.


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Jonathan Cohen



Didn’t someone tell ISIS that SDF have released a lot of their ISIS friends ?

So they should be buddie

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They are probably not Kurdish SDF but Arab SDF so these may not be friends.

Langaniso Mhlobo

Russians do as the US A does.Arm ISIS and divert them against USA terrorists tactics.USA will be crush easily.


What evidence do you have of Russia doing that ?

Langaniso Mhlobo

Sorry you don’t get me.USA is arming terrorists so let Russia also do that to attack USA which arm’s them.


I now understand what you say but do not agree that Russia, or anyone else for that matter, should aid and arm terrorists who murder ,maim and rape as part of their ideology.

I do not disagree with dumping all the terrorists with disparate aims in the same areas where they will fight and murder each other as rival gangs . But saying that, I would not like to live in such an area.

A truly decent country such as Russia , with a sense of morality ,does not employ terrorism for their own goals.

That is what America is doing and the world is fast realising this, which is very sad for the many good and decent Americans who abhor what their corrupt and venal governments have done for decades.

Langaniso Mhlobo

There you have it thumbs up my man.


Nah, its been reported that Iran does that! Iran were the ones who convinced the Kurds in Iraq to withdraw back to pre war lines and also to not go ahead with independence! Iran has been very successful in their counter intelligence operations! Russia has left DeZ for the Iranians! It wouldnt work well if Russia were there doing this. It would be used against them in the media! However Iran doing it is a different matter because the USA already calls Iran terrorists!
So yeah, Iran now making things difficult for the SDF! Lets remember that most of ISIS are paid Mercs and also jihadists who have no idea who their real masters are! If Iran can prove this to them (because isis rats are quite dumb) im sure it wouldnt be hard to sway them. Thats just my opinion of course! I am starting to believe that the few isis pockets that are left in Syria are actually beneficial the SAA! and nobody can complain because its literally terrorists fighting terrorists! Anybody who complains about that is 100% For US backed forces and 100% against Syrian govt forces!

Langaniso Mhlobo

Excellent thank you.


Funny that SF is eager to accept claims by IS against SDF while dismissing those claims against SAA.

There have been intensive fights between SDF and IS, denied by SF commentors.

SDF claims to have killed almost 200 IS there and it is likely they suffered rather large losses there also.

Terrible and unavoidable.

SDF fighters are heroes and their martyrs even more.

Igor Dano



LOL, u are never up voted! everyone knows youre a shill!
How depressed u must feel when u report to your supervisor and tell him u have converted nobody but have pushed more people in support for the SAA and less for the Kurds!
You are a failure! A loser!

Nicolás CsPl

Your’s end is near.

Dr. Ronald Cutburth

That is what wild meat eating animals do.

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