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JULY 2020

ISIS Claims Its Fighters Killed 500 Syrian Soldiers In Damascus Desert In Two Months


In the last two months, ISIS fighters killed more than 500 soldiers and officers of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) during clashes in the Damascus desert, according to an infographic which was released by ISIS newspaper al-Nab’a.

ISIS Claims Its Fighters Killed 500 Syrian Soldiers In Damascus Desert In Two Months

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Furthermore, the terrorist group claimed in the infographic that its fighters repelled “dozens” of SAA attacks on their positions in the desert and destroyed 6 battle tanks and 13 vehicles while doing so.

The SAA launched a military operation against the remaining ISIS cells in the Damascus desert and the northern al-Suwayda countryside in early August, after a brutal attack by the terrorist group on several villages in the eastern al-Suwayda countryside. During the attack, ISIS fighters killed 250 people and abducted around 30 others.

While the SAA managed to clear the northern al-Suwayda countryside, it is still struggling in the area of al-Safa and the hostages are yet to be freed. According to local observers, the rough terrain in the Damascus desert and the safety of the hostages are the biggest challenges faced by the SAA in this operation.



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  • Lupus


    • IggyBundy

      The numbers are high, even tracked vehicles would have trouble in this terrain. Seems there are thousands of ISIS around and they have no way to escape since their route to the US bases are cut off.

  • Rafik Chauhan

    first question how are they producing this infographic from desert. let me guess Mossad is helping or CIA is using this website on behalf of ISIL. bcuz mossad/cia is ISIL

    • peacelover

      Ap theek keh rahy hain

  • peacelover

    Now after idlib settlement, it is time to annihilate these dirty Rats immediately. Go Tigers plz go to al-safa!!!!

    • You can call me Al

      It is time to irradiate Israel…. oh sorry, you were not talking about that.

  • John Whitehot

    who cares about isis infographics?

    • Ed

      Obviously Southfront as they posted the article

  • Smaug

    No surprise they decided to add an extra zero or two.

  • J Roderet

    These Western-backed terrorist groups have always put out vastly exaggerated figures like this for propaganda purposes.