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ISIS Claims Its Cells Killed Two Russian Service Members In Southern Syria

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ISIS claimed on December 22 that its cells in the southern Syrian governorate of Daraa had killed two Russian service members.

The terrorist group’s news agency, Amaq, claimed that the Russian service members were riding a motorcycle near the town of Nawa in the western Daraa countryside when they were ambushed and killed.

ISIS also released a photo showing two assault rifles, which were allegedly taken from the Russian service members.

ISIS Claims Its Cells Killed Two Russian Service Members In Southern Syria

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The terrorist group’s claims are highly questionable as Russian troops don’t move in Syria on motorcycles. Moreover, each of the rifles allegedly captured from the soldiers was from a different type, which is very uncommon in Russian units.

If confirmed, this would be the terrorist group’s second attack on Russian forces in southern Syria this year. Last July, the group’s cells targeted a patrol of the Russian Military Police in eastern Daraa with an improvised explosive device (IED). However, no one was killed or injured.

Amaq said that the alleged attack on Russian troops was a part of an ongoing military campaign to avenge the death of the terrorist group’s leader Abu Baker al-Baghdadi and the group’s spokesman Abu Hassan al-Muhajir.

Regardless of these claims, ISIS stepped up its attacks in central and southern Syria right after the launch of a large-scale army operation in Greater Idlib. The terrorist group appears to be supporting its brothers-in-ideology in Greater Idlib, who sheltered its slain leader for months.

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They might kill 2 Russians
But when Russia will unleash hell on them they will eliminate 100 for 2


But those are AK-74 aren’t they ?
Specially the lower one is very old.
Even if they were on motorcycle which is highly unusual … Why would they ever have 2 different weapons.. and also…Normally they would have to have more recent AK models not AK-74 since only special ops troops go to Syrian combat zone these days I think.

alejandro casalegno

The second AK-74 is a “Afghan” model of URSS time………russian soldiers and PMC use a few,,,,


I know that
AK-74 = model from 1974


They are both from Soviet times except old one is very old.
Maybe it is called “afghan” model because used in Afghanistan war…I don’t know.
But there is no real “afghan” model.

AK-74 is simply model from 1974 and upgraded into AK-74M (black plastic)
Nobody in regular Russian army uses old model AK-74 any longer I think.

alejandro casalegno

“Afghan” is my name, becouse the first time i see one, was in the hand of the Mujahidin in the 80´s………..i see one fixed in the side mount of a Mi-17 in Syria.


yep and then another 100 and another 100 and so on until idlib is liberated and then syria in its entirety and the ever stupid unhinged states of A forced to concede another humiliating defeat at the hands of the russians – hard to swallow and when the squatters follow in the defeat it’s a good day for mankind!

alejandro casalegno

Yes……….they kill the russians………..take the rifles……but not a photo of bodies!!!!!!!
Very jihadists bullshit!!!!!!!!!!

Black Waters

Terrorists propaganda to try to maintain the morale of their wavering troops, they are being butchered (well most of them run away, because their are cowards, that’s the issue when you are fighting for money)


My thoughts also that must be propaganda to lift low moral of those cowards.
They are probably explaining loosing so much ground to SAA as result of big presence of Russian special forces.
True that they were Russian special ops participating before, but not any longer as far as I know.


First one is AK-74M dating from 1991 onward and still might be in service…
But second AK-74(old one) that was 1974 model. It might be over 40 years old even more!
It is definitely not used in Russian army any more.

So you are right it is terrorist BULLSHIT


They can claim whatever they want, the reality normally is totally different.


Wow. Several hundred claims made by ‘Daesh’ today claiming attacks all over the place in revenge for the death of their beloved former leader. So far, Syria, Nigeria, Iraq and Egypt have all been hit.

Hasbara Hunter

Bwahahaha this shit is getting funnier by the Day…Hey ISIS…Al-CIAeda…HTS…Wahhabi-Jihadists…FSA…Muslimbrotherhood….or whatever the f*ck you Headchopping AngloZioNazi Retarded Cunts call yourselves today…YOU ARE NOTHING & YOU WILL BE EXTERMINATED…YOU ARE DONE!

Liberal guy

Motorcycle rides are generally done by the terrorists.old soviet rifes and no bodies shown even a kid won’t belive in those cowards lies.

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