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ISIS Claims Its Cells Killed Or Wounded 85 Taliban Fighters In Less Than A Week (18+ Photos)

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ISIS Claims Its Cells Killed Or Wounded 85 Taliban Fighters In Less Than A Week (18+ Photos)

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On September 24, al-Naba, ISIS’ official newspaper, released a summary of the terrorist group’s recent operations against the Taliban in Afghanistan.

According to al-Naba, ISIS-Khorasan Province (ISIS-K) cells carried out a total of 20 operations against the Taliban between September 18 and 22. The operations included 15 attacks with explosive devices, four assassinations and an ambush.

At least 85 fighters of the Taliban, which assumed power in Afghanistan in August, were killed or wounded as a result of ISIS-K operations. Moreover, three vehicles of the group were destroyed and nine others were damaged.

ISIS-K cells in Afghanistan carry out operations against the Taliban on a daily basis, especially in the eastern province of Nangarhar.

On September 23, ISIS claimed that six fighters of the Taliban were killed and three others were wounded in three separate attacks in Nangarhar. Two of the attacks took place in the province’s capital, Jalalabad. The city appears to be infested with the terrorist group’s cells.

The Taliban have been making immense effort to counter ISIS insurgency in Nangarhar. However, the group’s methods are questionable to say the least.

Recently, the dead bodies of three local merchants who appeared to have been executed were found in the outskirts of Jalalabad city. Officials in the Taliban’s security forces claimed that the men were members of ISIS-K who were killed during an operation.

On September 24, more dead bodies were found near Jalalabad city. The bodies belonged to three men who also appeared to have been executed. The Taliban have not commented on the incident yet.

ISIS-K insurgency in Nangarhar appears to be intensifying. The terrorist group may attempt to take over some parts of the province soon. This would be a serious challenge for the Taliban, which have been struggling to gain international recognition.


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Who exactly are “isis” in Afghanistan? The western MSM would have people believe they are a singular force operating in many countries.

“isis” can be any group of government operatives or paid mercenaries.


You mean US government operatives.


I don’t see any difference between ISIS, Al Qaeda, Mujahideen, Boko Haram and Taliban because they all learn from each other how to be barbaric against Allah’s will. They don’t follow Islam, they just follow the customs of barbaric devastation to humanity.


Well, but there are still massive and important differences. The Taliban are essentially a local entity; ISIS is deployed by the US to stir up trouble. If you can’t tell the difference, then look closer, discern, learn. And may G-d guide you! (The fact that they misinterprate Islam is more of accident than essence)


ISIS (Daesh) is being used by the US to take revenge on the Taliban


Spot on. ISIS is nothing but the US/Israel secret army used to spread chaos and destruction in the entire region.


bullshit, what US? and what Israel? The talibs destroy the heavily armed Panjshir resistance army but allow a rag tag militia like ISIS-K to exist in many regions?…….Get real.

Last edited 1 year ago by Ahson

Its the prostitute’s son and 1st rate armchair general talking outta his arse again. Every ranked investigative journo has proven that ISIS is a US mercenary army, only you know better. Cocksucker

Last edited 1 year ago by YankeeGoHome

yeah motherfucker but what are they doing in talibunny country? I’d fuck your dad in front of you if you want? cuz yous low IQ dalit no?…….stupid motherfucker.

Last edited 1 year ago by Ahson
Icarus Tanović

Same snake killed same snake.


This is US funded IS trying to foothold in Afghanistan they won’t get far.


yeah but funded how? equipped how? been more than a month for the talibunny to have taken over the entire country no?


There is nothing questionable about the methods. Afghanistan has a right to have peace after this terrible struggles that were going on for decades there. I hope the Taliban will apply even more drastic measures in order to end this fake ISIS-K (Even the name is fake Islamic State of Iraq and Syria / Since 2014! it was already renamed to IS / perhaps someone in an office building in Langley has overlooked this). The Taliban should make an example here in the utmost cruel way so that if next time comes the man with the suitcase nobody will dare to touch it.


100%. but Taliban just re-instituted death penalty. When ISIS-K operatives get hung publicly, then the problem will quickly disappear. Panjshir Cocksuckers didnt work out for USA, now they are sending in Isis. Funny how ISIS pops up wherever USA are. They bombed the airport – not anywhere else in Afghanistan

Last edited 1 year ago by YankeeGoHome

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 As long as they’re killing each other, it’s OK.

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