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ISIS Claims Its Cells In Syria Killed Or Wounded 122 People Over Past 68 Days

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ISIS Claims Its Cells In Syria Killed Or Wounded 122 People Over Past 68 Days

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On October 7, ISIS’s official newspaper, al-Naba, released an infographic summarizing all the operations carried out by the terrorist group’s cells in Syria over the past 68 days.

In the infographic, al-Naba revealed that ISIS cells carried out a total of 59 operations between July 30 and October 5. The operations included 20 attacks with improvised explosive devices and landmines, 19 raids and shooting attacks, two suicide attacks, five ambushes, 12 assassinations and a single sabotage attack.

As a result of the operations, 122 people were killed or wounded. 103 of them were members of the United States-backed Syrian Democratic Forces, while the remaining 19 were personnel of the Syrian Arab Army and its allies.

ISIS cells also damaged or destroyed 34 vehicles and took down five optical surveillance systems during their recent operations.

58 of the terrorist group’s operations took place in the northeastern region of Syria, 30 of which were in Deir Ezzor, 20 in Raqqa and 8 in al-Hasakah. Only a single operation took place in the country’s southern region, specifically in Daraa.

Unsurprisingly, none of ISIS operations targeted Turkish-backed militants or al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham who occupy vast parts of Syria’s northern and northeastern regions. The terrorist group is clearly avoiding any conflict with the so-called rebels.

Al-Naba infographic confirms that ISIS cells in Syria are most active today in areas held by the U.S. and its proxies. Despite some recent successful counter-terrorism operations, the U.S.-led coalition is clearly not making enough efforts to root out the group’s remnants from the northeastern region.

The infographic also indicates that the security situation in government-held areas, especially in the central and southern regions, is slowly improving.


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Oh fuck off SouthFront. If you keep on publishing articles based on propaganda from this desperate excuse of a ‘terrorist group’ then no wonder you are in trouble. You really are a fucking disgrace. Maybe it’s time you went bye bye?

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