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ISIS Claims Its Cells Carried Out More Than 200 Operations In Iraq During Ramadan

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ISIS Claims Its Cells Carried Out More Than 200 Operations In Iraq During Ramadan

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On May 21, ISIS’ al-Naba newspaper published an infographic summarizing the terrorist group’s operations in Iraq during the holy Islamic month of Ramadan.

In the infographic, ISIS claimed that its cells have carried out 266 operations against government forces throughout Iraq since the begging of Ramadan on April 23. The operations included 19 raids, 6 ambushes, 37 sniper attacks, 54 improvised explosive device (IED) attacks as well as 5 assassinations.

The attacks were distributed as follows:

  • Diyala: 97 attacks, killing or injuring 123 people;
  • Kirkuk: 41 attacks, killing or injuring 63 people;
  • Northern Baghdad: 19 attacks, killing or injuring 36 people;
  • Al-Anbar: 16 attacks, killing or injuring 35 people;
  • Saladin: 15 attacks, killing or injuring 40 people;
  • Southern Iraq: 15 attacks, killing or injuring 41 people;
  • Tigris: 11 attacks, killing or injuring 28 people;
  • Baghdad: 6 attacks, killing or injuring 37 people;
  • Al-Falluja: 3 attacks, killing or injuring 17 people;
  • Nineveh: 2 attacks, killing or injuring 5 people;
  • Al-Jazeera: a single attack, killing or injuring one person.

There is no doubt that ISIS cells have intensified their attacks in Iraq. Nevertheless, the terrorist group is known for exaggerating and spreading fake information in order to rise the morale of its supporters.

Iraqi government forces inflicted heavy losses on ISIS recently. A series of security operations targeted the terrorist group’s remnants in different parts of Iraq over the last few months.


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Molteno Lantan

This is the proof that ISIS are not Muslims. It is forbidden for Muslims to fight in any war in time of the holy month Ramadan.. Read the Last Book.

ivan cohen

IT’S A THING REAL, USA IS BACKING ISIS, ALQAEDA AND ALMOST ALL THE “terrorists” which are from much time one of their assets.
But, after all these informations, ONU, what is doing? ICC what is doing? They really are awaiting for Russia and China starting to behave as Usa is behaving from decades?
How much time to arrive to a pandemic WW3?

ivan cohen

iìI am 57 years old and from what I know of happened in history I’m sure which nazis were very good guys if compared with american behavior of last 20 years. But if we see at history they started in 1898 and until now they NEVER stopped to kill, exploit, steal, murder, and conspire with whoever to persecute their “interests”…. and seen the crimes were committed for mere economic goals I can’t consider them as a civil nation. they make disappear also Hitler or PolPot, or Genghis Khan or whatever assassin seen in history
It’s true!! there are more assassins all around the world (it’s sufficient see bibi netanyahoo, or bolzonazzo, or other very dark men in command of their very poor nations, poor in the light of peace and prosperity….) but they are olympic champions of crimes

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