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ISIS Claims Its Cells Captured & Executed Seven Syrian Soldiers In Aleppo

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ISIS Claims Its Cells Captured & Executed Seven Syrian Soldiers In Aleppo

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ISIS claimed on March 11 that its cells in the northern Syrian governorate of Aleppo had captured and executed seven Syrian soldiers.

In a statement released by the Amaq agency, the terrorist group claimed that the soldiers were captured in an ambush in the southeastern Aleppo countryside.

“With the grace of God Almighty, caliph soldiers ambushed personnel of the apostate Nusayri army [ISIS’ term for the Syrian Arab Army (SAA)] southeast of Aleppo, yesterday [March 10], which led to the capture of seven personnel who were executed, praise be to God,” Amaq’s statement reads.

Pro-government sources didn’t report any attack on SAA troops in southeast Aleppo in the last 48 hours. However, few attacks usually go uncovered.

ISIS cells in Aleppo resumed their activities last December, when they attacked a checkpoint of the SAA on a road near the town of Khanasir in the southern countryside. Three soldiers who were manning the checkpoint were killed in the attack.

By launching such limited attacks, the terrorist group is attempting to strengthen its influence within the government-held areas. The group is focusing on key areas linking the country’s eastern, northern and central regions.


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Baseless claim from make believe has been organization, that claims terrorist acts in Europe off the back off mentally ill idiots, best ignore their claims.

good american

Huh. Why attack the SAA if it was the Americans that killed Bagdaddy? How many times has ISIS attacked US forces in Syria since then?

Lone Ranger

Isis = al-cia-da Tim osman… Al big daddy…

Icarus Tanović

Good statement.

Saif Imam

Are you american for real?

good american

For real, though I live in a rebellious country that historically had/has thorny relations with the US. Must be rubbing off on me. :)

Saif Imam

Ok. I was thinking of asking few Honest Questions to an American..you know middle class working … just normal people. Since you got rubbed off , no way to get unbiased answers. Any was nice talking to you. Cheers.

Tim Williams

no video … no happened


It might have happened. Some of the Turkish troops committed atrocities. They may have been Isis in Turkish uniform.

Lone Ranger

I doubt its true but God forbid it is these roaches will be dead in 24h.

Lone Ranger

God Bless Syria, Russia and the Free World.

Saif Imam

Prepare yourself to have your nuts blown to bit, you Terrorist Fuck.


Why are people STILL paying attention to these fucking idiots!!!!

cechas vodobenikov

amerikans abduct and rape 7 syrian 11 year old girls and ISIS claims they were Syrian soldiers


Some of the Turkish soldiers that turkey deployed were probably Isis veterans in Turkish uniform.


ISIS schmisis. Enough with the kabbalistic number bullshit

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