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JUNE 2021

ISIS Claims Its Cells Ambushed US-led Coalition Convoy In Al-Hasakah City

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ISIS Claims Its Cells Ambushed US-led Coalition Convoy In Al-Hasakah City

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On the night of September 19, ISIS cells ambushed a convoy consisting of more than 30 vehicles of the US-led coalition and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the district of Geweran in the southern part of the city of al-Hasakah, according to the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq.

In details, ISIS cells targeted the convoy while it was passing in the “60s street” in Geweran with an IED. Then, several members of the terrorist group attacked the convoy with machine guns.

According to Amaq, 15 personnel of the SDF and the US-led coalition, including US service members, were killed and 25 others were injured in the attack. Furthermore, 3 vehicles were supposedly destroyed.

Several Kurdish activists denied the ISIS claims and said that there was no attack at all. However, the SDF and the US-led coalition have not commented on the matter so far.

During the last two months, ISIS cells stepped up their operations against the US-led coalition and its proxies. Most of the attacks took place in Arab-populated areas in the governorates of al-Hasakah and al-Raqqa. This is a big challenge to the Kurdish-dominate SDF and its backers.

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You can call me Al

Ah well, whatever. Some more vermin gimps killed.

Prince Teutonic

It’s weird when you have more empathy for ISIS then U.S. lead scum…


There is second option, that CIA backed ISIS militants orchestrated “attack” on US convoy with smoke grenades and dummy rounds just to justify US presence in Syria….

Jens Holm

You are just evil persons – probatly again. Wrong raised and maybee wrong getics as well.

You take som source having not even a kind of name an attack might not even be true – and then conclude on it by Your usual kund of.

No wonder so many of You kill each other becauise they get agry about oncirmed things in bunches. Thats how wars are made.

You are not raised to make peace and coexistance.




Amaq claims to have detailed first hand knowledge of an event as it happened despite the evident breakdown in their communications and well timed to counter the ever increasing heap of bad news that’s come their way. Hmm.

Also, there’s no reason in the world for the US or the Kurds to conceal the attack since a continued ISIS presence couod help justify their presence.

Jens Holm

Logic thinking too.


bssssssssss as usual lol

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