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ISIS Claims It Killed Syrian Army Soldiers, Informants In Eastern Homs (Video)


On May 30, ISIS claimed that its cells had carried out a new attack on Syrian Arab Army (SAA) troops in the eastern Homs countryside.

The terrorists targeted a pick-up of pro-government forces near al-Amour Mount with an improvised explosive device (IED) two days ago. The mountain is located in the vicinity of the town of al-Sukhnah.

The ISIS-run Amaq news agency claimed that four Syrian soldiers and local informants were killed or injured in the IED attack.

The terrorist group’s claims turned out to be untrue. The IED targeted a pick-up of the National Defense Forces (NDF), not the SAA. Several NDF fighters were injured in the attack, but none were killed.

Hundreds of ISIS terrorists are reportedly taking shelter in the Homs desert. The desert lays between eastern Homs, western Deir Ezzor and southwest Raqqa. In the last few weeks, the SAA and its allies intensified their security operations across the Homs desert.




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  • Chinese Dog

    Hezbollah(shia terrorists) vs sunni terrorists

    • <>

      And we kill them both, what a great world :)

    • Cromwell

      How do you work that out you Zionist twat ?

    • Willing Conscience (The Truths

      Hezbollah aren’t members of the Syrian National Defence Forces [NDF], they’re a Lebanese militia that work for Iran, so it can’t be Hezbollah that was attacked.

  • nyomarek

    US Taxpayers Dollars At Work! Be proud US citizens! And don’t ever forget to say to your CIA-Drug-Cartel-Money guarding soldier thugs on Tour:
    – Thank You for your service!

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    Saying they were members of the NDF isn’t very helpful, there’s hundreds of different NDF militias operating in Syria and their loyalties are nearly as diverse as their numbers, they have Sunni, Shia, Christian, Druze, also Arab, Persian, Kurdish, Ottoman, Russian backed, Syrian backed, or Iranian backed, so what group did Isis attack, we don’t know yet, but that’s the most important thing they should’ve told us.
    I’d normally suspect it would’ve been one of the local Sunni NDF militias that was attacked due to the location it occurred, but since Hezbollah has a command centre just west of where the attack occurred, it might also be one of the Shia NDF militias that normally operate in Deir ez Zor, I wish SF would differentiate between the different NDF militias, it pays to know just who’s attacking who, it sometimes makes a difference.