ISIS Claims It Downs Syrian Warplane After Losing All Positions On Western Bank Of Euphrates


ISIS Claims It Downs Syrian Warplane After Losing All Positions On Western Bank Of Euphrates

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On December 6, ISIS fighters shot down a Syrian warplane with an unspecified “anti-aircraft” weapon over the village of Tasel located north of the city of al-Bukamal in the southeastern Deir Ezzor countryside, according to the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq.

However, Syrian pro-govement and oppositions sources denied Amaq’s claims and noted that Tasel was captured earlier by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies.

This is the second time this week Amaq claimed that ISIS shot down a Syrian warplane. On December 4, ISIS claimed that its fighters downed some warplane also north of al-Bukamal. However, these claims appeared to be unconfirmed.

Amaq mangers are likely trying to left the low morale of ISIS supporters by reporting such news. Especially that the Amaq claims came hours only after ISIS lost it last positions on the western bank of the Euphrates River.

The ISIS-linked news agency gained much credibility among ISIS supporters and some observers of the conflict in 2014, when the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and the Iraqi government media outlets were releasing conflicted reports about the situation during the ISIS expansion.

With ISIS falling now in Syria and Iraq, Amaq is likely trying to use its credibility to trick ISIS supporters all over the world into believing that ISIS still has a chance to turn this war the other way around just like in 2014. A desperate attempt that echos the complicated situation of the ISIS leadership.



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  • Rob

    Now bomb the shit out of the yanks parked on the East side… illegally, as if they care.

    • Ivan Freely

      That would be nice but it could set off a chain of events that everyone would regret (i.e. ICBMs). The only avenue that I can see is more asymmetric warfare but that would give Washington more reasons to stay behind. But, it’s a perfect way to bleed Washington of their treasure to the point of sovereign bankruptcy.

      • Joe

        The only way is to surround them and publicly redicule their presence internationally without firing a shot

        They will leave as the Kurds would have gone home

    • John Mason

      Exactly. US has then a choice, WW3 or abide by International Law and the UN Charter. About time that the US is stopped otherwise they will continue calling a bluff and hold the world at ransom.

      • Pave Way IV

        Believe me, you don’t want to give my leaders in the US that kind of choice. Haven’t you noticed they’re all… well, kind of deranged? I’m terrified of them – you should be, too.

        • You can call me Al

          Well, bomb them as well.

          • Pave Way IV

            Hey – that’s anti-Semitic!

          • You can call me Al

            oh, ah well.

        • John Mason

          All the more reason for your fellow citizens to step up and do something to change your political climate. Your leaders do not frighten me, our citizens stand up to deranged leaders like yours. it is all up to you and your citizens, you elected them.

          • Pave Way IV

            “…All the more reason for your fellow citizens to step up and do something to change your political climate…”

            Well, you’ve already stacked the deck with that condition. FFS, look at my fellow Americans. I would be better off believing that Sasquatch will show up to change our political climate.

            “…Your leaders do not frighten me, our citizens stand up to deranged leaders like yours…”

            Let me fix that for you: “Your nuclear-armed leaders…”

            “…it is all up to you and your citizens, you elected them…”

            I take full responsibility for anything the elected psychopaths do in the name of the US anywhere on earth whether I voted for them or not. But the idea of citizens having the power to change anything in the US is a myth, along with the entire idea that the US is still anything resembling a democracy.

            Psychopathic US government leaders insulated themselves from the will of the people the same way they do in every western democracy: by usurping both the law and voting process, ensuring neither can really be used by the little people to threaten their interests. The leaders simultaneously conduct a kind of brainwashing campaign to repeatedly remind the little people that “We are a nation of laws” and “Voting is a precious right and a responsibility”. Both slogans must be worshiped by the little people as divine laws.

            The deranged US leaders elevate both their usurped law and charade of voting to appear (to the little people) to have superpower-like status, magically guaranteeing the government will forever answer to the will of the little people. Little people must not question the infallibility of either voting or the law or the ability of one to fix the other, despite generations of obvious, indisputable proof that they lack those imaginary capabilities in their corrupted form.

            As long as leaders can keep the drooling masses fixated on their corrupted, useless versions of voting and the law as the only two supernatural powers the little people need to fix anything and control the government, then the powerful can do whatever they want. Question either one’s obvious uselessness or inability to fix the other, and your fellow citizens will burn your heretic ass at the stake.

            All the law-making and all the voting in the world will not ‘fix’ the broken US government – both were intentionally corrupted to protect the government from the people. And the little people will continue believing in their God-like powers over the government using those two superpowers.

          • John Mason

            Don’t get me wrong, I am not having a shot at you. Been to the States numerous times, have friend their and some even come here to visit. Problem with the US is that it goes back will over 100 years and has fermented till the present. From killing natives, slavery, carpet baggers after the Civil War, law enforcers who all should have the serial number 007 to worshipping the ‘stars, celebrities’, BS hero worshipping, false Christian preaching, modified and junk food, shit the list goes on and on.
            Sorry, Pave Way but it is far too late….bunkers won’t save you either.

          • Pave Way IV

            Bunkers – who, me? I wouldn’t bother – I would be shot before I ever got within a 100 m of the entrance to one. The bunkers are not for the little people in the US. They’re only for the small-penis-syndrome government leaders here that would start a nuclear war.

            I would remain on the surface. If I’m still alive, I’ll be a deformed, irradiated, hairless, toothless freak with a melted face, external organs and an extra leg. I’ll be scratching through the smoking remains of my city, looking for my next meal of cockroaches and rodents or gathering up whatever filthy, highly toxic water I can find in half-melted plastic bottles. This, while fending of packs of other deformed mutants trying to steal my treasure. The government will have federal troops deployed by then to hunt down the citizen-mutants and eliminate us, so best to avoid them.

            It’s actually not too different than the way the little people live in the US right now, except that we have Twitter.