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JUNE 2023

ISIS Claims It Carried Out 25 Terrorist Attacks In Baghdad In Last 10 Months

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The ISIS-linked Al-Nabaa Newspaper published an infographic describing terrorist operations carried out by ISIS cells in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad during the last 10 months.

ISIS claimed that its cells carried out 25 suicide attacks in Baghdad, including 7 VBIED attacks and 18 attacks with the usage of explosive belts. ISIS also claimed that it carried out 112 IEDs attacks in Baghdad and 37 attacks with booby trapped car.

ISIS Claims It Carried Out 25 Terrorist Attacks In Baghdad In Last 10 Months

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According to Al-Nabaa, the operations killed 2200 people and destroyed 44 vehicles. The infographic mentioned “the most important operations” including: targeting 11 convoys of Shiite pilgrims with 5 suicide attacks and 6 IEDs, and the assassination of the commander of Salam Brigades Abu Zahraa with an IED, as well as, targeting the convoy of the Grand Mufti of Iraq, Mahdi al-Sumaidaie with a VBIED and killing 16 of his bodyguards, in addition an attempt to assassinate Iraqi MP Talal al-Zobaie with IEDs.

Meanwhile, the Iraqi military media cell of the Joint Operations Room announced that the Iraqi Army found 1429 bodies in Mosul city after its liberation. The  Iraqi Army also rescued 102 Iraqi citizens and evacuated 200 families after the liberation of the city. The military media cell criticized the reports that claimed that more than 40.000 civilians killed during Mosul battle.

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