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ISIS Claims It Ambushed Large Syrian Forces’ Convoy In Eastern Homs

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ISIS Claims It Ambushed Large Syrian Forces' Convoy In Eastern Homs

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ISIS fighters ambushed late on November 16 a large convoy of the Syrian government forces in the eastern Homs countryside.

The terrorist group’s news agency, Amaq, reported that the ambush, which took place west of the town of al-Sukhnah, targeted a convoy consisting of ten military vehicles.

ISIS claimed that its terrorists managed to capture and execute two Syrian service members as well as to damage three military vehicles during the attack.

These claims were dismissed by pro-government activists, who said that the terrorist group ambushed a unit of Syrian security forces. The ambush was a complete failure, according to the sources.

“The police and security forces clashed with armed groups, inflicting heavy losses in their ranks with support from the air force and the National Defense Forces (NDF),” the al-Khabar TV quoted a military source as saying.

As a result of the ambush, five service members and a civilian were injured. There were no reports about any personal being captured by the terrorists.

The ambush highlights ISIS increasing efforts to rebuild its influence in central Syria. Hundreds of the terrorist group’s fighters and commanders are believed to be hiding in the strategic region.

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If Isis claims were true they would have released video for propaganda purposes.


Yep, it’s probably bollocks but for some reason, SouthFront ALWAYS chooses to believe it

Ishyrion Av

I think the title uses the word “claim”. Which is hardly an affirmative sentence.

John Wallace

Not sure they believed ?. Rather they reported objectively both sides and it is obvious an ambush did occur which one side claimed they were very successful and the other said horseshit.


They are just reporting Isis claims dude they didn’t say it was true

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

either way i hope the ambush was a total failure and SAA was totally victorious

klove and light

no matter what the casualties num,bers are……..BUT that These motherfuckers, are able to survive in a desert area , now for months , several Questions come to light……….FOOD and WATER and AMMO and intelligence on SAA movements?????????????????

where does it come from???? alone Food and water for “hundreds” as mentioned in the article….FROM WHERE FROM WHOM?


They cab claim whatever they want, one does not have to worry about that. They will be killed soon.

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