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ISIS Claims Israeli Warplanes Struck Targets In Egypt’s Sinai


ISIS’ main news agency, Amaq, claimed on September 26 that warplanes of the Israeli Air Force (IAF) had carried out a series of airstrikes on the Sinai Peninsula in eastern Egypt.

“Israeli warplanes carried out yesterday’s evening airstrikes on the areas of Rafah, Arish and southern Sheikh Zuweid,” Amaq claimed in a short press release.

The group didn’t reveal the nature of the targets which were supposedly struck by the IAF. This makes its claims highly questionable.

ISIS made several similar claims in the last few years. Egyptian sources deny that the IAF is active over Sinai. However, the terrorist group was able to prove its claims, at least once.

In September 2015, Amaq released a video showing a missile that was used to attack ISIS fighters in Sinai. The missile was identified as an Israeli-made Mikholit, which is usually launched from drones.

ISIS Claims Israeli Warplanes Struck Targets In Egypt’s Sinai

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By making such claims, ISIS is trying to fuel anger against the Egyptian government for the supposed “cooperation with Israeli.” This narrative is widely promoted by radical Egyptian parties.

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  • AJ

    So Israel is bombing its own people now after helping them for years.

    • Tiresia Branding

      it’s a fake… incidentallly there was some signal of another coloured revolution against Al Sisi last week

  • AM Hants

    Reminds me of the USS Liberty and weren’t Israel, at the time, trying to cause problems for Egypt?

  • bla

    OK so now ISIS has an excuse to attack israel then ?

    • Friend of Russia

      ISIS won’t attack Israel. They are allies

  • verner

    israel is true to its inner core and attacks the defenseless and murders kids with slingshots and starve women either pregnant or with a litter of small ones – israel truly is the scourge of the earth and for a peaceful world, the jews need to go find themselves another place to exercise their crimes. unhinged states of A comes to mind.

    • Saladin

      Your control over the English language is perfect so I’m sure you know that “A litter” is a term exclusive to animals.
      are you suggesting that the people of Gaza are animals??!?!!
      You are the animal here

  • d’Artagnan

    Israel is toxic and its only agenda is endless destabilization and wars in the region that deflect from its crimes in Occupied Palestine. Nothing that comes out of Tel Aviv is worth even remotely believable.