ISIS Claims Control Of Half of Iraq’s City of Kirkuk


ISIS Claims Control Of Half of Iraq's City of Kirkuk

The ISIS terrorist group has claimed that it controls a half of the Iraqi city of Kirkuk.

Last night, ISIS militants attacked this city, controlled by the Kurdish Peshmerga forces, and engaged the local contingent in heavy firefights.

Heavy firefights and explosions can be heared in the city. ISIS controls a half of Kirkuk city and some 5 neighborhoods, according to pro-ISIS media accounts.

Reports also appear that ISIS militants launched a separate advance and take control of Hawija village.

ISIS Claims Control Of Half of Iraq's City of Kirkuk

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Clashes in central Kirkuk:

A vehicle with ISIS fighters in the streets of Kirkuk last night:



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  • MeMadMax

    Looks like everyone and their mother has a gun.


    • hhabana

      Oh yeah. Life there means nothing. Better a sand fly than human there.

    • Only bad guys have guns, cause they have no right for civilians to bear arms.
      That is why Aleppo feel so easily, people had no means to defend themselves, and paid solders are always corrupt cowards and run so they can keep collecting their pay checks.
      ISIS could have never conquered Denver CO USA, 1,000,000 gun owners could exterminate 30,000 ISIS members inside of 48 hours haha.
      Marxist conquered Russians and Moscow and then genocided 45,000,000 indigenous Russians, cause they had no right to defend themselves from governments haha.

  • Barry

    astounding that they snuck into the Kurds’ Jerusalem like that. either Pesh are asleep at the wheel or they have some traitors on their hands.