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ISIS Claims 65 Nigerian Troops Killed Or Injured In New Borno Attacks (Photos, Video)

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ISIS Claims 65 Nigerian Troops Killed Or Injured In New Borno Attacks (Photos, Video)

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ISIS news Amaq has shared footage from recent attacks on the Nigerian Armed Forces (NAF) which took place in the northeastern state of Borno.

ISIS terrorists ambushed a convoy of the NAF as it was passing on a highway between the towns of Gorgi and Kafa on February 19. According to Amaq’s claims, ten service members were killed and at least 20 others were injured in the ambush.

During the ambush, the terrorists also destroyed three personnel armored carriers and a truck. Loads of weapons were also seized by the terrorists.

On the very same day, ISIS cells raided a base of the NAF in the town of Deckoa. 15 soldiers were allegedly killed in the raid, which saw the terrorists storming the base. Three armored vehicles and five pick-up trucks were destroyed by the terrorists, who also captured three vehicles.

Two days later, on February 21, ISIS terrorists killed or injured 20 NAF troops when they attacked a base near the town of Goniri. A suicide vehicle-borne improvised explosive device was used in the attack.

ISIS intensified its operations in northeastern Nigeria, mainly near Lake Chad, in the last few months. The region is now infested with the terrorist group’s cells.

Nigerian government efforts to contain the terrorist group’s threat in Borno appear to be not enough to contain the threat in the region.



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