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ISIS Claims 40 Filipino Soldiers, Officers Killed In Maguindanao Clashes

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ISIS Claims 40 Filipino Soldiers, Officers Killed In Maguindanao Clashes

Soldiers onboard military trucks ride along the main street as government troops continue their assault on insurgents from the Maute group, who have taken over large parts of Marawi City, Philippines June 2, 2017. REUTERS/Romeo Ranoco

ISIS has claimed that up to 40 Filipino soldiers and officers were killed by its cells during recent clashes in the province of Maguindanao.

In a statement released by the Amaq news agency on March 6, the terrorist group said that the clashes took place in the town of Satan on March 2. Government troops were allegedly targeted with machine guns and several improvised-explosive devices (IEDs).

The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) carried out large operation against the ISIS-affiliated Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) in Maguindanao on March 2. However, no losses in the army’s ranks were reported, contrary to ISIS claims.

Major Arvin Encinas, a spokesman for the AFP’s Western Mindanao Command (Westmincom), said that the operation targeted a BIFF faction led by leader Salahudin Hassan Karialan.

“We are pursuing the enemies to disallow their treacherous plots in the peaceful communities of Maguindanao,” the spokesman said, according to Rappler.

In the course of the operation, the AFP eliminated three ISIS-affiliated fighters. However, many others managed to flee army forces.

The BIFF is one of several ISIS-affiliated groups in the Philippines. Despite an increase in these groups’ activisits, the situation in the country remain under control as a result of the continues efforts of the AFP.

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Ah Ha, so now we know where the US transported their ISIS proxies in Syria to now. :)


So Duterte says no more US occupiers and ISIS kills dozens of Filipino soldiers a few days later.


The town of Satan is a likely hang out for ISIS.


Why are you still calling them ‘ISIS’ for fucks sake?


So the Philippine army reported no losses, meaning the claim was complete bullshit as always. Some great reporting there SouthFront. Maybe you could stop believing everything ‘DAESH’ claim through their PROPAGANDA Amaq channel?! Here’s a polite little hint for you: The clue is in the word; ‘PROPAGANDA’!!!!


Dude, South Front never said anything about actually believing the reports (like the reports of Ankara on their ‘successful’ campaign in Idlib). They’re just reporting the the claims.


But why report the claim if it isn’t true? If the Philippine army had confirmed the attack actually happened and admitted their losses then I would understand!


The military genius 蘇子 (“Sun-tzu”) taught that victory requires knowing your enemies. The more relevant stuff you know about them, the more advantage you have. Part of that is knowing how the enemy thinks, what they know (& don’t know), how they see the world, and/or how they want to project that to others. Being able to psychologize the enemy is vital for victory.

Also, remember that reporters of all sides are human. Honest reporters will rely on whatever info they are provided, regardless of how reliable the info is or not. Also, even honest reporters have conscious/unconscious biases/leanings that will inevitably manifest itself… as will their employers (whether corporate or government). (Remember how even Damascus’ puffed-up their numbers of Turkish intruders they killed?)

And do you think that sources will report EVERYTHING (including things detrimental to them and/or their employers’ interests)? Notice how we have to look at Russian private sources (South Front) & Moscow’s government propaganda (R.T., Sputnik, Vesti News) to see the things Washington & U.S. corporate news won’t report, while it’s Washington’s propaganda (Voice of America, RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty, Radio Free Asia, P.B.S., P.R.I., etc.) & U.S. corporate sources to see what Russian sources won’t (with inevitable misunderstandings, injected worldviews, suggestive-wordings, exaggerations, etc. and on any side, with somewhat more on some than others). A good number of times, the truth is in between the 2 extremes.

In South Front’s case, it seems they are reporting all sides’ claims and letting the readers make their own conclusions, instead of telling them what to think.

Ivan Freely

town of Satan? LOL I’m surprised this is still ongoing. Duterte should start banning US diplomats, troops and any US operations to see what the effects are.

El Mashi

Al Qaeda is an instrument of Imperialist domination. Now, Duterte wants closer and better relations with its neighbor Chins. All of the sudden, Al Qaeda emerges in the Philippines. How convenient.

Liberal guy

More wahhabi deads in the Philippines


Well anticipated after Philippines wanted to kico out USM. Wonder what will happen if Jp & SK declare similarly. ISIS must have been overstretch.

One should ask how did ISIS swim so far from Syria to Philippines with all their heavy weapons and unlimited ammo each time, yet undetected by Philippines Navy. You need c130 and USN help.

Again China will help Philippines to defeat ISIS. They should follow ISIS retreat trail to USM bases and obfuscate it.

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