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JUNE 2021

ISIS Claimed Responsibility For Stabbing Attack In Russia’s Surgut (UPDATED)

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ISIS Claimed Responsibility For Stabbing Attack In Russia's Surgut (UPDATED)

Photo from the scene

ISIS claimed responsibility for a stabbing attack in the Russian city of Surgut.

Earlier today, a 19-year-old local resident with a knife attacked and injured 8 people in the  center of Surgut. The attacker was alegedly carrying a moulage of suicide belt.

The attacker was eliminated while he resisted arrest. Russian security services are probing the incident that clearly looks as a terrorist attack.

UPDATE: Russian police have declared that it does not view terrorism as a primary possible motive and is currently trying to verify a claim that the attacker suffered from a mental illness.

According to recent media reports, the attacker just attempted to use the ISIS bran to attract additional attention to his actions.

It should be noted that in Russia some criminal elements have used the ISIS brand in order to draw attention to his actions and to bluff opponents.

No doubts that a threat of possible terror attacks fueled by the ISIS ideology exists in the country. Recently, such attempts are mostly made by migrant workers from Central Asia. They likely use the ISIS ideology to protest against their low social status.

There is another difference between Russian and EU cities. In Russia, locals often make attempts to implement own measures against persons that pose a threat in public places. There have been multiple cases when Russian passangers have used force in order to solve conflicts with brawlers during air travels via the Russian airlines.

However, criminals armed with fire arms are another issue.


Police detained the suspect:

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False flag.

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