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ISIS Claimed Killing Of Canadian Service Members In Chad


ISIS Claimed Killing Of Canadian Service Members In Chad

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ISIS’ news agency, Amaq, claimed on November 26 that the terrorist group killed a number of Canadian service members during the recent attack in Chad.

The agency claimed that the Canadian military personnel were supporting Chadian government forces, which were preparing to launch a large-scale attack on ISIS positions along the shores of Lake Chad.

“Two days ago, the Chadian army transported dozens of its soldiers and Canadian soldiers into Lake Chad, as a part of preparations to launch an attack on the positions of the Islamic State’s fighters on the shores of the lake,” a security source in ISIS told Amaq.

ISIS Claimed Killing Of Canadian Service Members In Chad

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According to the source, ISIS fighter attacked one of the boats which were transporting Chadian and Canadian with machine guns and an explosive charge, killing and injuring dozens.

“Among those who were killed there were at least four Canadian soldiers,” Amaq’s source said, claiming that the Chadian attack was delayed.

The terrorist group’s recent claims are highly-questionable as no Canadian troops are known to be deployed in Chad. No more than 50 Canadian service members are taking part in “Operation NABERIUS” in neighboring Niger, where they are training local forces.

Some sources claimed that ISIS deleted the claims of killing Canadian service members in its newspaper, al-Nab’a.

Formerly known as Boko Haram, ISIS in West Africa has been active around Lake Chad for many years. From there, the terrorists are launching attacks in Chad and neighboring countries, mainly Nigeria, on a regular basis.




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