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ISIS Cells Surprisingly Capture 4 Villages In Northern Hama (Map)


ISIS cells have surprisingly captured 4 villages from Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) in the northern Hama countryisde.

According to reports, the villages of Abu Hariq, Ma’sarah, Abu Kusur, Tulayhat fell into the hands of ISIS last night. The situation in the area remains unclear.

The incident confirms that the ISIS keeps a strong presence in the so-called opposition-held area in Idlib and northern Hama.

ISIS Cells Surprisingly Capture 4 Villages In Northern Hama (Map)

Click to see the full-size map



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  • MeMadMax

    10/20 isis guys running around in toyotas capturing a couple of villages is not a surprise, and hardly a threat…

  • Attrition47

    The US head-chopping, heart-eating rapers have lost lots of cities this year and now capture four villages. How the mighty are fallen. Good wishes to the civilians in the villages and hope they keep their heads down while the Syrian army rescues them.

    • Josh

      They didn’t even capture them from the SAA, but from the other terrorists factions. It’s rat-on-rat infighting, which saves work for the exterminators :-)

    • bob balluga

      nobody rescuing anyone. Everyone life has been and will remain fucked there

      • FlorianGeyer

        Can you say which group you would wish to be guarded by as a civilian with a family Bob?
        1/ ISIS
        2/ Al Nusra
        3/ The SAA

        • Lupus

          I take option.3 no doubt ?

          • FlorianGeyer

            Me too. :)

        • Marcus Frank Eriksson

          3 i think

          • FlorianGeyer

            I would too. :)

        • bob balluga

          ill take the sdf

          • FlorianGeyer

            You are most welcome to take all of them to live with you. :)

      • Justin

        So all those happy faces in Aleppo who lives under the protection of Russian military police are fucked huh?
        U think u are a realist bit in reality are just a negative cunt! Of course the people who have been liberated are happy! Ud be happy too if u made it out of a war and lived to tell ur tale!
        Got u pegged as a wanker!
        ok its locked in, bob, you’re a wanker!
        Its locked in!
        how u like that for Reality?
        and remember, before u reply, just remember, go fuck yourself, nobody gives a shit about anyone named bob!

        • bob balluga

          lol what a load of rubbish you wrote. I may be a negative cunt but at least i’m not a retard like you.
          And remember before you reply, just remember nobody gives a shit about anyone named Justin.

          • Justin

            “bob” hahaha let me say that again “bob” u have one syllable in ur name because are not worth the time of what it takes to give u the respect of attention!
            Why not just call u “hey” as in “hey fuck fuck head”!
            Takes the same time as say “bob” or “bob, fuck head”!
            Think about it!
            Blame ur parents not me!
            A lot of chicks love the name Justin! Even Family guy made a cartoon based on the name “Justin” in a positive light! So I win and u lose!
            (lol and not only is ur name bob but u have a fat fuck as ur avatar picture)!
            “Who the fook is that guy”! hahahahaha
            Bob I win and u lose so like I said the first time, SHUT YOUR FOOKIN MOUTH!
            I used to bully guys like u at school! Made me feel better about myself too! Were u ever bullied? Well if u were, think of me!
            Maybe thats why u got upset?
            I bullied u and it brought back some bad memories?
            do u have PTSD?

            Anyway….. I feel very and I mean VERY justified in what I said about people being happy in Aleppo!
            Shall I post pictures of people in the streets of Damascus celebrating when DeZ was liberated?
            Maybe the happy faces in Aleppo?
            OK what about the emailing faces of the ACTUAL SOLDIERS who all take selfies every time they conquer a new town!

            Dont u see(u fat fuck with a shit 1 syllable name) these people rant afraid to die (the soldiers) and they celebrate because they survived the wrath of KSA, Israel and the USA!
            And what are u doing?
            Saying negative shit AT THE VERY MOMENT WHEN VITORY IS JUST AN INCH AWAY!
            So while people on this forum are MOSTLY celebrating with words of POSITIVITY what is the FAT FUCK Avatar “BOB” doing?
            He is exhuasting the negative attitude and mindset he has from his own life onto this forum JUST WHEN THINGS ARE LOOKING GOOD!

            Bob its a war! We know people die u dumb cunt!
            But they are winning!
            Winning means smiles
            It means people go back to their homes
            It means less refugees in our countries
            It means KSA and Israel are CONTAINED (the proxy war they started back fired)
            USA has been out smarted by Russia!
            Finally and end to the Middle East hegemony!
            And we have to sit here and listen to a guy named “bob” say “every one is fucked”!
            Well ure wrong!
            It aint over yet but dude, isis is done!
            HTS are slowly collapsing and infighting is breeding within HTS and the FSA!
            Saudi Arabia is in debt due to low oil prices (which they started) and now Russia has more market share! More pipes being built to Europe!
            A country stood up to the USA (Finally)
            And are saying peoples lives are fucked!
            Fucked compared to what BOB?
            Fucked compared to what would happen if isis completely took over?
            Or if isis and HTS battled for Syria and then the USA comes to clean up the mess using Kurds and bombs?
            Compared to WHAT are peoples lives fucked?

            Do u see how ur fat got into ur brain and effected ur endorphin flow so that u are capable of feeling Euphoric positivity?

            So I stand by my first statement!
            NOBODY listens to a guy named “Bob” who has a fat, double chinned, bald avatar and who is speaking negatively during Syria and Russia’s FINEST HOURS since 2011!

            Do u get me u stupid cunt or is the fat in ur brain disabling ur understanding of this?

            “bob” or “Justin”
            Id love to do an online poll and see who wins (who’s name would u prefer)

            lol dude, I FUCKING OWN U!



          • Justin
          • Justin
          • bob balluga

            Lol keep trying

  • Trustin Judeau

    These ISIS guys are probably part of Jund Al Aqsa who were stationed in Hama province until they went to ISIS areas in the beginning of this year.They were leading many rebels offensives in North Hama.And looks like AQ in Northeast Hama is having some problems against normal SAA units which is very bad for them.Elite units like TIger Forces are still not involved in the battles.There is still some areas in DZ that needs to be cleared.

    • Josh

      Looking forward to seeing the SAA/allies pulverize the terrorists in Idlib once they’re finished with D-e-Z! :-)

      • heydad

        I would much rather see a steam roller go over all of Jobar and Ayn tarma. Multiple rockets hit the capital every few days from their and this is not acceptable. The people there must live with this reality but the sooner they exterminate this pocket the better for Syria and the people.

        • Josh

          Agree – the full liberation of Metro-Damascus certainly is a top priority – both for the strategic reasons you outlined, and also because doing so would be a major psychological victory and help put another nail in the coffin of the faux “revolution.”

    • Justin

      I don’t know! I have a feeling captured isis militia are being granted a SLIM second chance! I think they are being transported to northern Hama, given weapons and ammunition and told fight to for their lives against HTS.

  • dutchnational

    As far as normal people are concerned, organisations like these killing eachother is a blessing.

    Tactically thse foghts are stupid as tctically they should cooperate to attack their common enemies.

    • John Whitehot

      i don’t think that there has been any tactical fight.

      • dutchnational

        Agreed. To the benefit of the rest.

        • John Whitehot

          the infighting among jihadists factions proves nonetheless that, had Assad lost the war, the country would had been consumed by eternal struggle among the various raghead formations, with Israel and the US keeping the balance (and the struggle) forever by helping today this and tomorrow that.

          Not much different that what happened to Lybia.

    • FlorianGeyer

      All the US proxy terrorists are no more that glorified criminal gangs as you well know Dutch. They will all fight each other to control the extortion , smuggling and intimation from and of the general populace wherever and whenever they can.

  • Carol Davidek-Waller

    Target practice for the Syrian and Russian Air force’s.

  • Vitex

    Badge engineering