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JULY 2020

ISIS Cells Kill, Injure Eight Iraqi Soldiers In New Al-Anbar Attack


Early on April 5, ISIS terrorists stormed a position of the Iraqi military near the town of Rutba in the western al-Anbar province.

In a statement released by its news agency, Amaq, the group claimed that its fighters captured the position after killing and injuring eight Iraqi service members.

“Islamic State [ISIS] fighters seized a quantity of weapons and ammunition, they also burned the position before clashing with Iraqi military reinforcements, which arrived at the site, forcing them to withdraw,” the statement reads.

Amaq released a photo showing some of the seized weapons and ammunition, including assault rifles and a DShK 12,7 mm heavy machine gun.

ISIS Cells Kill, Injure Eight Iraqi Soldiers In New Al-Anbar Attack

DShK 12,7 mm heavy machine gun can be seen in the left side. Click to see full-size image.

Iraq’s Security Media Cell confirmed that a position near Rutba came under attack in the early morning, revealing that only five soldiers were killed or injured. Iraqi forces are now conducting a combing operation around the town.

ISIS maintains strong influence in al-Anbar, especially in the province’s vast desert. The group’s presence there is well-founded and dates back to its first rise following the U.S. invasion of Iraq. Government forces will need more time and resources to neutralize the group’s remnants there.




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  • Icarus Tanović

    This is very indicative increased Isil activity in last days because of PMU and threat to American bases in Iraq as well as Iraqi government decision that American forces are actually occupiers.
    Isil NEVER EVER attacked American bases.

  • Jens Holm

    The Rutba line making the roads to Al Tanf and Jordan is in a terrain, which is very difficult to defend well.

    Its there, because there is a lot of good water. In theold days – as I reacll it it for a period was pitstop for airplanes from Europe to India(Palmyra was that too).

    Its is true the Bagdad Iraqis cant cover Iraq, but this attack at the town at least showed the Iraqi troops had reinforcements nearbye.

    But how much is true or untrue. We dont know.