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ISIS Cells Inflict Heavy Losses On Syrian Army In New Deir Ezzor Ambush (Photos)

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ISIS announced on January 15 that its fighters had ambushed a large convoy of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in a desert area to the south of Deir Ezzor’s city center.

In a statement released by the Amaq agency, the terrorist group claimed that fifteen Syrian service members, including high-ranking officers of the elite Republican Guard, were killed in the ambush.

“Islamic State fighters ambushed yesterday a force of the Republican Guard that was patrolling in the desert … When they entered the ambush, the fighters detonated explosive devices and targeted them with various types of weapons,” Amaq’s statement reads.

Photos released by Amaq revealed that the army also lost a BRDM-2 combat reconnaissance, patrol vehicle and a mini truck.

ISIS Cells Inflict Heavy Losses On Syrian Army In New Deir Ezzor Ambush (Photos)

Click to see full-size image.

ISIS Cells Inflict Heavy Losses On Syrian Army In New Deir Ezzor Ambush (Photos)

Click to see full-size image.

Pro-government activists acknowledged that nine personnel, including a senior officer, were killed in ISIS’ ambush. The casualties were identified as:

  • Brigadier Ali Fakhro;
  • Lieutenant Rami Zfor;
  • Warrant Officer Khaldon Zahr al-Din;
  • Corporal Mohammed al-Nish;
  • Private Ottoman al-N’asan;
  • Private Mohammed Ibrahim;
  • Private Mu’az Tyiaui;
  • Private Ward Qassim;
  • Private Hussein Ibrahim.

The ambush was likely carried out by ISIS remnants in the Homs desert, which lays between western Deir Ezzor and eastern Homs.

In the last few months, ISIS stepped up its attacks against government forces in Deir Ezzor and Homs. The terrorist group appears to be attempting to establish a foothold in the two governorates, which link Syria’s eastern and central regions.

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Assad must stay

This needs to stop!!!! Must be a huge combing of daeshbags and rats from this area and homs desert once and for all!!!!


Yes I 100% agree it must be done but…
Done by WHOM?
Do you honestly think that they would not do it by now only if they could?
Dosn’t this show obvious that SAA does not have enough good quality experienced soldiers?
You explain please HOW it can be done and I will listen.


Combine a force of seasoned Hezbollah troops, Syrian troops and Russian Spetsnaz as hunter snipers with helicopter gunship support and the Russian Froggers Su-25 and Russian satellite intel, about 20 teams of 100 members. With recon drones with night vision hunt them down.


As long as the regime remains, there will be no peace.

Assad must stay

wrong, as long as US and its proxies stay, no peace


As long as Headchopping Terrorists trained by FUKUS psychos and given the oxygen of life here by Yanki IsraHelli apologists like yourself this war has lasted longer than it should have had. Yanki MIC Terrorists continue to wreck havoc across the world because their Twisted Regimes were taken over long ago because stupid people like yourself supported them when they promised you 30 pieces of silver. And here you are now getting 30 shekels a session, from Unkle Shmuel. Shame on you………….


So you have no answer or don’t want to answer?

Ziønist šhill

It’s not because Syria doesn’t have quality troops at its disposal. It’s 100% because this “ISIS remnants” are coming from Al Tanf. If the Syrian Army tries to go there they will just get bombed again. That’s why.


THIS MY IS COPY PASTED comment since on the same subject;
“But terrorist animals….. they are there in the desert ………….not in effing al-Tanf.

If somebody can shot them there they will stay dead on the ground in the desert and not go back in al-Tanf.
SAA just have to kill enough of them so one day they will stop coming in the desert…that’s all.”

Azriel Herskowitz

Another example of proof that the assadist military is the most incompetent in the world. They can’t even beat ISIS living in desert caves.


We know Israels solution – kill every living thing in a selected area combatants or civilians.

Damien C

The British failed to beat the Mau Mau in Kenya
The British couldn’t handle the IRA in Ireland
The South Africans couldn’t handle the ANC
The Rhodesians couldn’t beat ZANLA
The Saudis got beat by the Houthi in Yemen

The USA beat by guys wearing pajamas in Veitnam

So what’s your point again?


America had such a glaring success in Korea and Afghanistan too :)

Daily Beatings

That’s because the US left them to live there unmolested.


Not only that, it acted as Al Qaeda’s airforce and provided cover

Bill Wilson

Assad had them bussed there from Yarmouk so the SAA could avoid further losses regaining control of territory outside Damascus. The US and Coalition thought that was a stupid agreement so bombed some of the buses that they felt held ISIS commanders. Those ISIS folks in the desert are receiving support and supplies from ISIS cells and sympathisers that reside in the towns and villages along the river and major roads. The SAA needs to find and eliminate them first to force the ISIS groups in the desert to make mass attacks on towns once they’re desperate for supplies.


I seem to remember the Hezbollah had far greater success against the IDF , than the IDF had against the Hezbollah. The IDF has lost some very senior military figures , ( A General and a Colonel ) to operations carried out spec.forces of the Hezbollah. You have a very short memory and don’t like owning up to your loses………… but WE know…………… Your Golani brigade is only good for terrorizing unarmed civilians and maiming and murdering children.

Zionist Internet Warrior

Go back to World Israel News, Juden Clause :)


Dude the special forces are all stationed around Idlib and in the desert are only few reserve and ndf units get your facts straight, longnose Jacob with 9 accounts.


If that’s true, then isn’t that an extremely bad strategic move on the SAA’s part? Daesh will surely take advantage of that and carry out more attacks which will probably wear those reserve troops down in order for Daesh to then regain the territory that they had previously lost. And once the SAA have ended their campaign in Idlib (however long that is going to take), they’ll be back at square one again and will then have to fight them once more in order to get it back!


The Idlib operation was supposed to take place in September 2018. ISIS was still weakened from the 2017 campaign. Then the offensive was stopped and ISIS had plenty of time to regroup and reorganize. Normally the SAA would have overrun Idlib in 2 months mayebe and then they should have focused on the desert, but ISIS regained momentum and in May 2019 they killed over 100 syrian soldiers in the area east of Palmyra alone. The SAA should just finish Idlib asap then focus on the desert, otherwise more SAA soldiers will die against ISIS, which will be stronger than in 2019. Don’t forget, after the Abu al-Duhur operation the SAA planned on breaking the siege of Kafraya and al-Fuah and with this move the would also have cut off the M5 highway. Man I wanted to see that happened. Anyway let’s pray for the SAA soldiers and trapped civilians in Idlib.

good american

It would make the job easier if Israel wasn’t supporting ISIS.

Wayne Nicholson

So you would pull infantry off the line in Idlib or Allepo to comb the vast desert for bandits? A desert with no real strategic value or population centers to threaten.

Round up a few stray ISIS members but leave a gap that allows the enemy to drive into the rear causing mayhem and perhaps collapsing the entire front line?

This is why you’re a keyboard warrior and not a real one.


You raise a fair point but aren’t Daesh taking advantage of the fact that the SAA infantry are on the front line in Idlib and therefore attacking the smaller ‘reserve’ units elsewhere in the country in the hope of wearing them down so they can then regain the territory they had previously lost? If the SAA don’t do something drastic very soon about dealing with these Daesh cells, then Syria is right back where it started with the Daesh infestation!

Wayne Nicholson

If Daesh is to re-emerge in force they are going to have to have access to recruits and supplies. These guys are a remanent force stuck in the desert. They don’t have a border with friendly forces to resupply them and with Russia on Syria’s side satellites and drones would see any kind of reinforcements and resupply.

They are a small force … they can do small raids and ambushes but if they try to mount an offensive or take a highway they are out in the open for air strikes.

If they were large in number and able to disrupt supply lines like the Russian partisans in WW2 it’s a different story but they are stuck in the Eastern desert and Syrian / Russian supplies come from the Mediterranean.

Like the Syrians the Germans could never spare front line forces to combat Partisans. They too were stretched … the difference is these “partisans” don’t affect Syrian/Russian operations.


I was not going to dignify a paid hasbara provocateur, but have ever given some objective thought into how incompetent the IDF is? despite billions in US and western tax dollars, that it can not even tackle Hamas in the world’s largest open air prison of Gaza, and the Palestinians are even deprived of every basic human amenity. Sure does not say much about the much daunted Zionist child killing machine, does it?


Fuck the “ISIS remnants” – this was an attack by professional mercenaries hired by the usual suspects


Agree, or it could be a Yanki/Yid specially trained ISIS unit with Yanki Yid Intel data from Yanki satellites. Yanki Zionist Yid Op using their ISIS grunts to do their bidding. RGs need to smarten up as it now appears Yanki Rats are targeting Top SAA Generals. Tigers take note. your commander Brigadier General, Salman al-Hassan I would imagine is also in their cross hair. There is no other option now than to unleash special proxy units to assassinate Top Yanki Generals too.


Mercenaries with the latest signals/surveillance intelligence provided by Langley, Inc. I’d bet.

Xoli Xoli

ISIS rapier is physco war.It mudt be 8gnore and blow with heavy firepower. No ceasefires dayly duty must be killing of?ISIS.It I definitely ISra4l and Turkey agenda of terrorism.

Zionist Internet Warrior

Interesting how every time ISIS or Nusra launches an offensive, Israeli AF conveniently strikes SAA. It’s happened too many times to be a coincidence.

Tommy Jensen

…..with the latest signals/surveillance intelligence provided by Kremlin Inc I would bet. Israel is only in Syria because Kremlin allows it.

You can call me Al

Very sorry for the loss which is unacceptable in my view. I have a strange feeling that this is the responsibility of the US offering bonuses or something.


Satellite intel…


Preplanned by FUKUS, after bombing the Iraq-Syria border post and killing the senior anti-ISIS Iraqi- & Iranian commanders. Sec. Pompom is now defacto threatening Chinese and Russian senior officers. I would take it seriously.


I would not.
That is possible only in your Syrian comic books


I am not advocating extrajudicial assassination but rather predict that it WILL happen: Hero of Russian Federation Gen. Valery Asapov was murdered by an ISIS mortar attack. No doubt #FUKUS provided the intelligence for this: this is their mode of hybride warfare


FUKUS always provides recon and intelligence.
I think that Russians who tend to be careless have learned their lessons.
Specially when Russian bomber was shot down (with the direct help of US-Saudi AWACS) and when Russian recon plane has fallen into planned well prepared Israeli trap.
I don’t think these things can ever be repeated again without somebody immediately being killed on the enemy side and without Russian prompt adequate response.
The message was received and they can try do that again at their own peril.


Putin did it again!
This is again mistake of Russians huh ?(And not mistake of Assad and SAA command)
To finally clear that area from those terrorist animals.
Many of you know only to protest about Idlib “cease fires”
And nobody is capable to see obvious.
That SAA is not capable to keep their “liberated” areas under the control, let alone to clean them completely from vermin.


That will happen if you kill mere suspects.

J Roderet

“ISIS remnants” will continue being a problem as long as they have their terrorist HQ in al-Tanf.


But terrorist animals….. they are there in the desert ………….not in effing al-Tanf.

If somebody can shot them there they will stay dead on the ground in the desert and not go back in al-Tanf.
SAA just have to kill enough of them so one day they will stop coming in the desert…that’s all.

Toni Liu

The fuck why they still let this area uncleared, this just more a rock and sand that not as hard to clear compare to southern syria plain, just bring tochka and katyusha with some su 25 and mi 24 to rub clean what left of them

Xoli Xoli

As long as ceasefire is call to disrupt SAA operation the war wont stop


Kill enough of Assad Alawi Army until he agreed that all syrians regardless of their ethnicity return to their land in a free Syria


I strongly recommend that you go and join the Idlib Liver-Eating Jihadis. We get rid of you here and they will solve your problem there by Groznification.

Joe Dickson

ISIS has been defeated but they are still defeating the Republican Guard. SAA is a joke.

Mehmet Aslanak

What I recommend you guys is that, don’t believe such fake news, fake photos, fake destroyed vehicles with ISIS slogans, fake death actors on the ground, fake death pictures of communist guerilla fighters, etc, that to push the idea that ISIS is alive & well fed. Whole purpose is the keep US in Syria & Iraq. Kurdish Kommunist Party guerilla control will collapse without fake ISIS news & peaceful Kurds will takeover the control in Syria. That’s why those fake news streams will regularly flow to the lamestream media in the future, too.


its about time that a large scale operation takes place there. i know SAA is focused on idlib but the desert there is a huge asylum for US operatives.

Aleks Chernyy

I am not sure there is any basis to attribute these attacks to ISIS. Its possible that this is the work of some ultra secretive isis remnant in the desert, but unlikely. More likely than not, this is the work of a well supplied, western operated unit, possibly out of al-tanf, or another western base. The people who did this had access to intelligence, heavy weapons, ability to ambush a relatively large unit, and then to remove their dead and wounded. This is more consistent with harassment tactics employed by special forces then ISIS guerilla warfare, which would have consisted of a road side bomb, with some sniping. If you are looking for ISIS ghosts in the desert to blame for this attack, you will be looking for a very long time.

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