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ISIS Cells In Diyala Kill, Injure 17 Iraqi Service Members In Coordinated Attacks


ISIS Cells In Diyala Kill, Injure 17 Iraqi Service Members In Coordinated Attacks

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Late on May 2, ISIS cells carried out two coordinated attacks on Iraqi government forces in the eastern province of Diyala.

The first attack targeted a center of the Iraqi police in the village of Zaghinah in the district of al-Abarah. ISIS terrorists attacked the center with machine guns and sniper rifles. The terrorists also ambushed reinforcements upon arriving in the scene.

Iraqi security sources told the Anadolu Agency that four policemen were killed in the course of the attack. Nine others, including an officer, were injured.

In another attack, ISIS terrorists ambushed two military vehicles in the district of Udhaim. One of the vehicles, that was carrying deputy-commander of the 18th Brigade’s 2nd Regiment, was targeted with an improvised explosive device (IED). The terrorists targeted the other vehcile with machine guns.

“A fighter was martyred [in the ambush] and three others were injured,” the Security Media Cell said in a short press release addressing the ambush.

As usual, ISIS’ news agency exaggerated the results of the attacks, claiming that 21 government fighters were killed or injured. The agency also claimed that four vehicles were destroyed.

A day earlier, the terrorist group’s cells in the northern province of Saladin carried out a large-scale attack on positions of the People Mobilization Units (PMU). As a result of the attack, ten PMU fighters were killed and several others were injured.

The recent attacks indicate that the ISIS is planning to develop its operations in Iraq.




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