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ISIS Cells Carried Out 39 Attacks In Northeast Syria During Last 30 Days – Report

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ISIS Cells Carried Out 39 Attacks In Northeast Syria During Last 30 Days – Report

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ISIS cells in northeast Syria increased their attacks in the last 30 days despite the recent operations by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the U.S.-led coalition, the Syrian Observatory or Human Rights (SOHR) reported on June 19.

The UK-based monitoring group revealed that the terrorist group carried out at least 39 operations between March 19 and June 19. The operations included bombings, shootings and executions. As a result of ISIS attacks, 22 personnel of the SDF and 6 civilians, including a woman and two children, were killed.

Earlier this year, the U.S.-led coalition and the SDF eliminated a number of ISIS commanders in northeast Syria during a series of special operations.

Between June 4 and 10, the coalition and the SDF launched a large-scale security operation in the southern al-Hasakah countryside and the southeastern Deir Ezzor countryside. More than 100 suspects were arrested.

After the large-scale operation, the SDF security forces launched an operation to secure and reorganize the notorious al-Hawl Camp in eastern al-Hasakah.

“Security operations of the international coalition and the SDF did not succeed in curbing the Islamic State in any way, many of these operations even witnessed random arrests,” the SOHR’s report reads.

Despite this, the ISIS influence in Syria’s northeastern region, especially in southeast Deir Ezzor, has been growiing. The U.S.-led coalition and the SDF will have to make more efforts to address this threat.


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Thanks to Russia-Turkey cease fire agreement.

Jens Holm

You got fired:)

Free man

Obviously. Why deal with the real problems if Russia can be blamed?

johnny rotten

Israel Secret Intelligence Service has been in Syria since 2011, nothing new here, keep moving.

Free man

Obviously. Why deal with the real problems if the Boogie Man can be blamed?

Free man

Syria is on the brink.
Only the cessation of the war will enable effective fitht against
terrorist organizations such as ISIS as well as the rebuild of Syria.
The continuation of the war could disintegrate Syria.

Peter Jennings

This is infighting of terrorist gangs. Let’s hope they wipe each other out before the SAA get there and do the job properly.

ISIS, SDF, et al, they are just variations of the same virus.

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