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ISIS Cells Attacks US-backed Forces In Raqqa

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ISIS Cells Attacks US-backed Forces In Raqqa

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On July 6, the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq revealed that ISIS cells targeted a vehicle of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) with an IED in the district of al-Noor in the center of the city of Raqqa on July 5.

In the same day, a second IED, which was also planted by ISIS cells, exploded in a gathering of US-backed fighters in the district of al-Hadiqah al-Bayda killing and injuring four SDF fighters, according to Amaq. These claims were later confirmed by the Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently blog.

Last month, ISIS cells resurfaced in the governorate of Raqqa and carried out their first attack against two vehicles of the SDF in the village of Hammam al-Turkmen in the northern countryside. Two days after the attack, the SDF’s security forces (Asayish) launched an operation in Raqqa against the remaining cells of the terroriest group.

These recent attacks of ISIS confirms that the SDF and the US-led coalition have failed to secure their areas in eastern Syria. The upcoming months will likely witness more attacks of the terrorist group, which will likely try to target personnel of the coalition.

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the rats kills the rats kurds excellente news:!!!


Mr. Trump, I suggest that the first subject that you discuss with Mr. Putin, is plans for an immediate tactical retreat.


Pretty typical of US intervention; it reconciles nothing. The SDF and US are outsiders to this area and neither will be able to get a permanent handle on it. Stupid is what stupid does. A good day to all.


I don’t see any US military source cited, and more importantly how many people from what state were killed/injured? All these machinations in Raqqa and a gang of ISIS members are thw only ones that even claim to have done anything. Altogether Raqqa is Damascus in miniature.


Are we sure the attackers are Daesh and not local Arab militia using hit and run tactics against the Kurds traitors/ occupiers of Syrian land! It’s in the US interest to spin resistance as Daesh!

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