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ISIS Cells Attacked Oil Tankers Heading To Government-Held Areas In Syria’s Raqqa

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ISIS Cells Attacked Oil Tankers Heading To Government-Held Areas In Syria’s Raqqa

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On June 29, ISIS terrorists attacked a convoy of tankers loaded with oil in the eastern Raqqa countryside in Syria’s northeastern region.

The terrorist group’s news agency, Amaq, claimed that the tankers were moving oil from fields held by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to government-held areas.

According to Amaq, five tankers were “damaged” after being targeted by ISIS fighters with machine guns. Some of the drivers were wounded.

The tankers are reportedly owned by the Katerji Group, a Syrian company that ships oil from northeastern Syria oil fields, which are all held by the SDF, to the Damascus government. The company and its owner, Syrian Parliament Member Hussam al-Katerji, are sanctioned by the US.

Two years ago, ISIS cells in northeastern and central Syria begin targeting oil shipments en-route to government-held areas. The attacks began around the same time the US tightened its sanctions on Damascus.

ISIS appears to be attempting to cut oil supplies from northeastern Syria to the Damascus government. However, the group’s attacks have seen very little success, so far. Both the SDF and government forces have been effectively escorting and guarding oil shipments.


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(After the Youtube/Paypal/Facebook disasters, when will South Front ever learn not to rely on US tech firms like CIA infested Google reCaptcha… .) Daesh/IS never attacks Israel or US squatters. The handful attacks in Deir Ezzor on SDF which are attributed to Daesh in reality are carried out by discontent Arab tribesmen. How weird is it that when Daesh held an area bordering Israel, it only attacked Syrian government aligned forces but never Israel. Same goes for Al Tanf, how weird is it that Daesh attacks the Al Tanf Syrian government held surroundings but never US squatted Al Tanf.

If it looks like like a duck and squikes like a duck then it certainly must be a duck. Daesh/IS is a US proxy terrorist organization. Whether in the Philippines dissuading Duterte from getting too cosy with China, Afghanistan to halt Taliban influence, Egypt, Nigeria or any other place.


I see we posted essentially the same response simultaneously. Great minds, etc.


It’s interesting how, and I have noted this many times before, ISIS *only* attacks people, countries, and organisations that are not slaves of the Imperialist States of Amerikastan. From Nigeria, where it is attacking Boko Haram, to Afghanistan, where its primary target is the Taliban, to Syria and Iraq, and not to forget its attack on Iran a couple of years ago, it only ever attacks people who aren’t slaves of the Amerikastani Empire.

You’d almost think it was an Amerikastani tool, but that can’t be right, right?


JC Denton

Sounds a lot like conspiracy theories to me, partner. It is Iran, who is the largest supporter of terrorism in the middle east for reasons you citizens could not possibly comprehend. We are defending the rules based orda in places with plenty of ressouces with our SWEAT (its so fckin hot here) and BLOOD. The reason they keep away from us is our firm stand for diversity and our mean faces. ISIS fighting our bad guys just shows how,… well….. bad they are!

Last edited 1 year ago by JC Denton

Your sarcasm went faaaaaaar above at least two people’s heads. My upvote reduced the minus count.

Christian J. Chuba

Then you will love this. Israel only bombs forces in Syria who are fighting ISIS but never bombs ISIS. The only problem is that this is reported in the Jerusalem Post, they just word it differently.

Christian J. Chuba

Fabulous. ISIS is enforcing U.S. sanctions against against Syria. In return they get air support from the IAF. A de facto alliance.

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