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ISIS Cells Attack Syrian Army Checkpoint In Southern Aleppo, Kill Several Soldiers

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ISIS Cells Attack Syrian Army Checkpoint In Southern Aleppo, Kill Several Soldiers

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Late on December 20, ISIS cells attacked an isolated checkpoint of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in the southern Aleppo countryside.

In a press release, the terrorist group’s news agency Amaq said that three soldiers who were manning the checkpoint were killed in the attack.

“Islamic state fighters burned the checkpoint after capturing it, they also seized two motorcycles, some weapons and ammunition, then they safely withdrew from the position,” the press release reads.

The targeted checkpoint is located east of the town of Khanasir, which controls a road linking Aleppo’s city center with the rest of the country through Hama.

The incident marks the first confirmed attack by the terrorist group against government forces in Aleppo in more than a year.

The attack was likely launched from the northeastern Hama desert, which has been witnessing an increasing presence of ISIS cells. Earlier this week, the terrorist group’s fighters launched an attack from their hideouts on the M20 highway that links Deir Ezzor with Homs.

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bet you more than a penny that these jihadists are supervised by the special advisers the squatters have offered up to make as much damage as possible and delaying Assad’s serious and soon non-contestable victory. Always the hymies and they deserve no mercy and must be closed down a s a p.

Wolfgang Wolf

seems the SAA troups are total amateurs…

John Wallace

So who do have manning small checkpoints ? Your elite forces or the reserves , leftovers , old and unfit for frontline duties. Always a soft target for hit and run terrorists everywhere.


Still quoting from the ever reliable Amaq as usual SouthFront? How professional of you.

John Wallace

As long as I know it is quoted from the terrorists news site then I can give the credence value it deserves . No comments from Syrian government so either this event , as most likely happened , is not reported then accusations of coverup come into play. They also report from that London based Syrian Observatory , one man anti Assad band , which seems to be the sole source of reports from the terrorists side of the fence. His prior anti Assad bullshit precludes total credence of whatever he says but as most of his reporting now appears to be fairly reliable one accepts it for what it is. Of course should CNN or others embed their reporters with the terrorists and wish to report back their slant on the news , well I will take them with a grain of salt as well.

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