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ISIS Cells Attack Key Airbase In Syria’s Al-Suwayda


ISIS Cells Attack Key Airbase In Syria's Al-Suwayda

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On August 1, ISIS cells launched a ground attack from their positions in the eastern al-Suwyada countryside on the Khalkhalah airbase in the northern countryside of the governorate, according to the Syrian news outlet Enab Baladi.

The pro-opposition news outlet said that ISIS fighters killed eight soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) during the clashes around the airbase. However, the SAA managed to repel the terrorist group’s attack after a few hours of the clashes.

Meanwhile, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported that the SAA artillery shelled several positions and hideouts of ISIS cells in the eastern al-Suwayda countryside. The shelling was likely a response to the attack on Khalkhalah airbase.

Earlier, the SAA began re-deploying some units from the southern governorate of Quneitra to the eastern al-Suwayda countryside. According to Syrian pro-government sources, the SAA and local fighters are planning to launch a military operation to crush ISIS cells operating in the area.

More than 250 civilians and local fighters were massacred by ISIS cells in the western al-Suwayda countryside last week, in the biggest attack on the southeastern governorate since the outbreak of the Syria war.



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  • Tigrica
    • Promitheas Apollonious

      good question are they?

    • Ronald

      The 72 virgins number comes from astronomy, in one year the earth pivots 72 degrees.
      Virgins or degrees, No Fear ; in one year, the Wahhabi jihadists of ISIS and friends will be cleaned out of Syria.
      Will the nation of Turkey be your jihadist’s next “Caliphate”,
      Guess it depends on if the US and Saudi Arabia want it torn apart and destroyed next.

  • Redadmiral

    Death throws of dying rats

  • Rob

    ISIS comes from US military base in Al-Tanf in Syria.

  • Mike

    Al-Tanf, has to be retaken in order to finish all militant in southern Syria.