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ISIS Cells Assassinate Two High-Ranking Syrian Officers In Daraa

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ISIS Cells Assassinate Two High-Ranking Syrian Officers In Daraa

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Early on April 18, ISIS members in the southern Syrian governorate of Daraa assassinated two high-ranking officers of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

The terrorist group said in a statement released by the Amaq news agency that its members had ambushed and killed Brig. Gen. Hamed Makhlouf and Col. Mahmoud Habib, near the town of al-Hrak in eastern Daraa.

“This morning, the Islamic State’s fighters targeted a vehicle carrying two Syrian army officers with machine guns near al-Hrak in the eastern Daraa countryside, which damaged the car and killed the two officers who were aboard it,” the statement reads.

Brig. Gen. Hamed Makhlouf was Chief of Staff of the army’s 52nd Brigade, while Col. Mahmoud Habib was the brigade’s Regulatory Officer.

A day earlier, two militants assassinated a lieutenant of the SAA in the town of Khirbet Qeis in Daraa’s countryside. The Syrian intelligence immediately eliminated the assailants.

Prior to that, ISIS claimed responsibility for two attacks on military vehicles in Daraa. At least two soldiers were killed in the attacks.

ISIS is intensifying its attacks in southern Syria as government forces’ attention is drawn to several other fronts in the northwestern and central parts of the country.


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Jens Holm

None will be safe in Syria before all Syrians are killed.

Gary Sellars

Thanks for stating your true intention, you sick fucking nazi retard.

Pave Way IV

The Yarmouk Basin near the occupied Golan border was infested with Wahhabi ISIS nutjobs. I can’t imagine they all just surrendered and demilitarized when the SAA rolled in. It will be an eternal source of Syrian killers for Israel to train and equip. Sounds like Israel is making some of them earn their pay while the SAA is otherwise distracted. Headchopper assassinations are way cheaper than drone assassinations and offer plausible deniability for their Israeli handlers.

Free man

You probably forgot that the SAA controls the region and the border with Israel. You shouldn’t look for the lost car keys under the streetlight.

Pave Way IV

Here’s some more observational bias: There will be a day when treasonous, bribed and blackmailed dual-citizen US politicians don’t pick up the phone when Israel calls demanding the US defend it from whomever. Whatever was stolen by force can be reclaimed by force.

Free man

If you want to fight against Israel, feel free to do so.
But blaming Israel for everything and, as a result, doing nothing, is the stupid thing to do. The SAA needs to concentrate efforts in the south to fight ISIS.

Pave Way IV

Fight against Israel? I’m American. My government pledged to support and defend Israel from all enemies foreign and domestic (same with our pledge to the Saudis). US taxpayers have involuntarily been shaken down for billions to ‘support Israel’. ALL our Middle East wars directly support the interests of Israel. Wanting to rid yourself of an evil parasite does not mean you want to fight it. And what does ‘blaming Israel for everything’ have to do with the specific acts of Israel directly supporting terrorists in southern Syria?

Free man

You have a narrative and you try to squeeze everything into it. Russia and Israel have an agreement on southern Russia, which does not include Israeli support for southern terrorists. I remind you that the terrorists of southern Syria in the past are today’s SAA fighters.

Rhodium 10

Surely Israel gave info to ISIS!..both are partners in the Syrian war.

Icarus Tanović

Old news.


Holm, you are a german Jew as well, aren’t you?

Icarus Tanović

They have not fully secured Daraa, and there is open border with Jordan, and of course Golan and Israel.
Wahhabis are CIA, Zionist players, but they are biggest cowards frontlines have ever seen.

Assad must stay


Willing Conscience (The Truths

We all seem to forget that this is where 25,000 FSA fighters surrendered to Assad back in august 2018, they were all swiftly conscripted into the SAA but that doesn’t mean they or their families switched loyalties back then.
Isis forces operating in Deir ez Zor are now the inspiration for this new discontentment, Assad has to stop Isis dead in it’s tracks to stop the growing opposition support in Daraa and Quneitra, the Muslim brotherhood is gaining a lot of influence in Daraa and Quneitra lately because of Isis’s successes, so if it isn’t stopped soon, Assad will be in big trouble again soon.
Come on Russia and Iran, this is all your fault, get your acts together and do something before it’s too late, Flying a Russian flag over Deir ez Zor isn’t enough, Russia has to start flying patrols over Deir ez Zor too, one little Russian flag isn’t going to do the trick.


Mista’arvim rather.

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