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MAY 2021

ISIS Cells Assassinate ‘Turkish Spy’ In Al-Bab City

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Late on June 25, ISIS cells carried out yet another operation in the Turkish-occupied part of the northern Aleppo countryside.

Two terrorists, riding a motorcycle, shot and killed Ahmad al-Talib, a local real-estate agent, in front of his office in the city of al-Bab. The terrorists managed to escape.

Local sources revealed that al-Talib was the “chief” of real-estate brokers in al-Bab. The slain civilian was reportedly a vocal supporter of Turkey.

ISIS Cells Assassinate 'Turkish Spy' In Al-Bab City

Ahmad al-Talib

ISIS’ news agency, Amaq, claimed that al-Talib was a spy working for the intelligence of Turkish-backed militants. The terrorist group provided no further details.

Earlier this week, ISIS terrorists assassinated Col. Adnan Mahmoud Bakar of the Turkish-backed Syrian National Army in northern Aleppo. The terrorists also attacked a Turkish military vehicle near al-Bab.

These attacks appears to be a response to a recent U.S. drone strike that killed Fayz al-Akal, a prominent commander of ISIS, near al-Bab. Prior to the assassination of al-Akal, ISIS cells were inactive in Turkish-occupied areas.


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  1. Jens Holm says:

    I dont think its relevant to use “revenge” or something like that.

    People in the whole Region as well as several from the outisde just do, what possible to harm others and themselves.

  2. Lone Ranger says:

    He doesnt look Turkish nor arab.

    1. Black Waters says:

      Maybe that’s why he may fit perfectly, because he doesn’t look like a native turk.
      Idk just taking an observation.

      1. Amorphis says:

        Quite likely a USA agent. Idlib is filled with them. I am sure there are tens or perhaps hundreds of them in Turkey controlled areas too.

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