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ISIS Cells Ambushed Syrian Reconnaissance Unit In Eastern Homs

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ISIS Cells Ambushed Syrian Reconnaissance Unit In Eastern Homs

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Late on January 14, ISIS cells ambushed a reconnaissance unit of the Syrian National Defence Forces (NDF) in Homs’ eastern countryside.

The unit was reportedly on a reconnaissance mission around the town of al-Sukhnah when it came under attack by ISIS cells. The terrorists targeted the unit’s vehicle with two improvised explosive devices.

According to the North Press Agency, three fighters of the NDF were killed in the ambush. A fourth fighter was severely injured.

“Contact was lost with the [NDF] patrol,” a Syrian military source told the agency. “Following a search operation it was found, targeted with explosive devices, the dead and the wounded were taken to Palmyra’s Military Hospital.”

Large reinforcements were deployed around al-Sukhnah following the attack. A number of new checkpoints were also established in the town’s outskirts.

ISIS cells, which are taking shelter in the Homs desert, attack Syrian troops in eastern Homs on a regular basis. The terrorists are also carrying out attacks in the Hama-Aleppo-Raqqa triangle and in western Deir Ezzor.

Syrian government forces have so far failed to contain the terrorist group’s threat in the central region. Earlier this month, the terrorists launched a daring attack in eastern Hama. Government forces are yet to take strict measures to prevent further attacks.


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Potato Man

Well…Zion and Americans do fully support their kind…they also end up in same place in the end. :)

Jens Holm

comment image


They will never contain the problem until they cut the supply lines of those rats.


Easiest way of killing rats is to use ‘environmentally friendly’ gas or chemicals; that way no civilian or serviceman gets hurt.

Jens Holm

There is not that much gas. I also will hit many others.

Fog of War

The amazing , magical, undefeatable ISIS is at it again. Its too bad Russia has no satellites, aircraft, helicopters, or drones to take care of this situation in an open desert with few hiding areas. Imagine what Russia could accomplish if they did.

Icarus Tanović

Too bad.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I know it was one of the Iranian sponsored militias from the location they were in, al-Sukhnah is in the Iranian sphere of influence and control.
Last year in April Isis nearly managed to overrun this town, they took over several SAA positions on the outskirts of the town and were poised to completely overrun it, but right at the last second the Russian cavalry arrived to save the day.
The surprising thing for me is the Iranians had a checkpoint just 5 km south of al-Sukhnah, and yet they were totally unaware of the massive Isis buildup that nearly overran the town.
But the Russian cavalry isn’t far from al-Sukhnah now, the Russians have moved back into Palmyra so the Russian cavalry only has to travel 60km to get there, and it doesn’t take a Russian fighter bomber long to travel 60 km.

Jens Holm

I hope You are right. Th e last losses dont say that at all.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Just imagine what it would be like if the Russian airforce wasn’t there to back them up, it would be one hundred times worse than it is.

Free man

And they will continue to write here that Russian help is not enough. Or rather they will continue to write that the Russians are not helping at all in the war against ISIS.

Rodney Loder

Basically the problem is there is no unity between the anti-jew forces, last year and the year before the I could have communicated with Brother Baghdadi, but now if course he’s gone, take by the the Jews, held prisoner in Israel, sold out by his closest comrades who are living in luxury in Israel right now, so unfortunately that water has flowed under the bridge.

However I could still unite the Turkish Islamists not 100% behind Assad with the Syrian Government and in that way present a united front against the what is now Jew allied terrorists ISIS.

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