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ISIS Cells Ambush Liwa Al-Quds Unit In Southern Deir Ezzor

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A unit of pro-government Palestinian paramilitary group Liwa al-Quds was ambushed on December 5 in southern Deir Ezzor by ISIS cells.

In a short press release, Liwa al-Quds said that two of its vehicles were struck with landmines while participating in a combing operation in the region.

“Two vehicles belonging to Liwa al-Quds were struck by landmines north of the town of Faidah ibn Mawaina in the Syrian Badia … Which led to their destruction and the martyrdom of fighter Mahmoud Ibrahim Assaf,” the press release reads.

ISIS Cells Ambush Liwa Al-Quds Unit In Southern Deir Ezzor

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ISIS claimed responsibility for the ambush in a statement released by the official Amaq agency. The terrorist group revealed that a single improvised-explosive device (IED) was used to target Liwa al-Quds vehicles.

Last week, ISIS cells attacked several positions of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Iranian forces near the city of al-Mayadin in southern Deir Ezzor. Three fighters of Iranian-affiliated Liwa Fatemiyoun were killed and ten others were injured as a result of the attack.

These repeated attacks demonstrate how ISIS is attempting to resurface in eastern Syria. Hundreds of the terrorist group’s fighters and commanders are currently hiding in the Homs desert, west of Deir Ezzor.

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Oh for fucks sake. Sort it out Syria!! Is it really that fucking difficult!!

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

The “ISIS cells” are US SOF masquerading as Jihadis.

Karen Bartlett

Based on this report, ISIS is now working for Israel against Palestinians. Of course, they always were.

Leon De Elias

ISIS is US Black OP and Mossad masquerading as terrorists..Well they are the real ones after all..

Saint Russ

ISIS is America, Israel, always has been. How can it change?

Mehmet Aslanak

Those fake news are necessary to keep ISIS/Daesh alive. Otherwise who is gonna keep Kurdish Kommunist Party (PKK/YPG) guerilla alive in the region?


By that logic Erdogan must keep YPG alive so he can stay in power

Mehmet Aslanak

Correct, you are learn political science quick. You are not part of the sheep herd.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

this is annoying but its the most they can really do anymore, an IED or an ambush here or there, their dog days are over, and daesh’ end is near inshallah :))))

Free man

The Wild Wild East.

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