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ISIS Cells Ambush Kurdish Forces Convoy In Northern Deir Ezzor

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ISIS Cells Ambush Kurdish Forces Convoy In Northern Deir Ezzor

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Unknown gunmen, who are believed to be members of ISIS, ambushed a convoy of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the northern Deir Ezzor countryside on February 10, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

In details, several gunmen riding motorcycle opened fire at a convoy of the Kurdish group while it was passing on the road between the towns of al-Sad and al-Rubiydah. The convoy returned fire. However, all attackers managed to escape.

The number of casualties remains unknown. Furthermore, the SDF’s press center has not commented on the incident as for now.

According to data provided by the SOHR, ISIS cells have killed more than 189 people in northeastern Syria since August 2018. Most of the victims were fighters of the SDF, but the number also includes civilians and local figures.

In response to this new threat, the SDF security forces stepped up its operations, especially in the Arab areas. However, the terrorist group’s cells are still operating all over the northeastern region with a lot of freedom.

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Pave Way IV

Well, it does not take international financing and a world-wide organization to put a couple of guys on a motorcycle with a machine gun. ISIS is going to claim responsibility for any attack that kills SDF. Who’s to know otherwise? Might have just been some pissed-off local Arabs that don’t like Kurds.

When you get down to this level of supposed terrorist attacks, it’s an internal security/police matter, not one that requires international intervention and F-16s. How long is it before we see ISIS tire theft from SDF vehicle as justification for occupation?


Send the Irish Travellers to steal the Kurdish diesel as well as the tyres. :)

Gregory Casey

They’ll do a very good job I’m sure but on a serious note, Guerilla Armies are never really defeated ‘cos it’s impossible to kill off every single last person ……… although given American efforts over history, in South and Central America in Vietnam, they probably believe they can manage that too; it’s certainly not possible to kill all Guerilla Fighters cos they merge back into the landscape and people of a Country but in Eastern Syria even this argument doesn’t apply insofar as remaining ISIS fighters are all foreign and so, US has been doing its best to evacuate all of the Officer-class of ISIS ……. generally to al-Tanf for R’nR and onward deployment to the borders of Southern Russian Republics while bombing the shxt out of those remaining to get rid of all and any evidence of original US Collusion with ISIS.


More generic fake news about the fake U.S. war.

Eskandar Black

interesting, how a totally surrounded force is conducting unverifiable ambushes.

Jens Holm

ISIS say they are in guerilla mode since several months. Those can come from anywhere. Both of them.

northerntruthseeker .

Yes, a totally surrounded force gets more weapons, food, ammunition, etc…. Amazing how that works!


And STILL they fight back!! Their resilience is fucking astounding!!!

Bill Wilson

They got to work for their room and board.

Parisa Zoorgoo

f the tresonous kurds, moosad is killng gis to keep them from going home, looking for 911 revenge? slaughter aipac and support Palestine !

northerntruthseeker .

Again…This is pure bullshit propaganda since the US runs ISIS…. What this is is for the American public to create the fraud belief that the US must “stay” in Syria because ISIS has not been defeated..

Pure propaganda at its best!

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