ISIS Captures Zain District From Jaish al-Islam In Southern Damascus – Reports


ISIS has captured the distrcit of Zain from Jaish al-Islam in southern Damasucs, according to reports. The recent ISIS advance was a part of the wider effort of the terrorist group to expand its influence in the area.

ISIS already controls a large part of the Yarmouk Refugee Camp and the nearby districts. If the ISIS influence grows further, it may become the only influential militant group in the pocket. So far, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and Jaish al-Islam have not been able to counter the ISIS expansion.

ISIS Captures Zain District From Jaish al-Islam In Southern Damascus - Reports

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  • Martin Tancev

    you made a bit of mistake in the western part here’s a more accurate map:

    • World_Eye

      Its not a mistake comes from first hand on the ground and PBS are american stupid firm that doesn’t have any clue what is going on on SAA side, and for that matter SF have some Al-Qaeda / HTS press that deals some intel

      • Solomon Krupacek
        • Astar Roth

          You stink and you’re Zionist troll here. Everybody hates you, why don’t you just fuckk off from here?

          • You can call me Al

            This is what they want, so block the f-it and you will not get bothered; although sometimes I am intrigued to see what rubbish he spewed out (I have him blocked, trust me, you will feel better if you did it as well).

      • neil barron

        You’re correct but let me fill you in “PBS” stands for Public Broadcasting Service which means over here that it does receive government funding not in great amounts but a few million a year. They are run by total Leftist Marxist s h i t heads which is despised by most Americans which has been trying for decades to defund it because as stated it is not a true Public operation it’s totally one sided read previous and supported by the Democratic Party.
        Thank You

  • Hilarious to see these “skorpions in a bottle” battle each other! :D

    • Astar Roth

      They’re just switching over to ISIL. They’re basically the same ones, but with different names. Wahhabie this and Wahabie that.
      Kill them all!

      • Ann

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  • Astar Roth

    That pocket needs a big rocket!

    • leon mc pilibin

      A MOAB,mother of all bombs,that will bring a bit of peace and quiet.

  • dutchnational

    My disappeared moustache starts to itch every time I read the words “Palestinian Refugee camp.”

    It is a regular quarter of Beirut city and I would be surprised if there even live a thousand people born in what is now Israel. Hereditary proffessional refugees, living on the welfare of the West they dispise.