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ISIS Captures Al-Rai from Turkish-backed Militants in Northern Syria


ISIS Captures Al-Rai from Turkish-backed Militants in Northern Syria

On August 27, ISIS recaptured the border town of Al-Rai and its nearby areas from Turkish-backed militants in Syria’s province of Aleppo.

Reports say that ISIS used units that had been withdrawn from Jarablus in this advance.

The withdrawal from Jarablus allowed ISIS to avoid a direct confrontation with Turkish-backed forces there and now, the group isexpanding in other border areas while the Kurdish SDF units and Turkish-backed forces are engaging each other south of Jarablus.



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  • Divesh Kumar

    ISIS, “Moderate opposition”, Free syrian Army, Moderate terrorists and many other synonyms……….. these all are same entity and our great uncle Sam is just doing some kind of puppet show from behind the curtains.

  • Pave Way IV

    The situation in Al Rai has already changed. The FSA took it back after the fake, staged ‘battles’ with ISIS for the city. That was all theatre to fool everyone – fake ISIS will be handing over all the northern Syrian villages to the FSA without a fight in the next week. After a quick shave, a new Turkish uniform and a picture for their ID card, the ex-ISIS head-choppers will be the new FSA head-choppers and just stay in the villages they have occupied for the last couple of years.