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ISIS Burns to Death Family in Hawijah, Iraqi Forces Kill Senior ISIS Commander near Shirqat

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A family of three has been burned to death by ISIS in the southwestern Kirkuk province while a senior ISIS commander in the northern Salahuddin province was killed by the Iraqi forces on the same day.

ISIS Burns to Death Family in Hawijah, Iraqi Forces Kill Senior ISIS Commander near Shirqat

Photo: AP Photo / Khalid Mohammed

Abu al-Harith al-Libi, a senior commander of the ISIS terrorist group, was killed by the Iraqi security forces during a military operation in the al-Jahleh village at the outskirts of the city of Shirqat in northern Salahuddin Province on July 24, the al-Forat news agency reported, citing an unnamed security source.

According to information provided by local residents, the military operation also claimed the lives of an unspecified number of other ISIS terrorists.

Security forces have recently entered Shirqat to liberate it from ISIS.

Separately, Iraqi media reported that three members of a family who were trying to escape terrorists in the southwestern Kirkuk Province were put to death by ISIS. According to the al-Sumaria information website, citing an unnamed security source, a man, a woman and their two-year-old daughter were burned to death by ISIS terrorists in the Rashad district in the city of Hawijah in Kirkuk on July 24. Reportedly, the family was ambushed as they were attempting to head to the al-Alam district in neighboring Salahuddin Province through Hamrin Mountains.

Gruesome violence has engulfed the northern and western parts of Iraq ever since ISIS began a campaign of terror in the country in June 2014. The terrorists have been fighting with Iraqi army soldiers and allied volunteer fighters, who have won back several terrorist-held regions in joint operations.

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